Forsaken World

  • Impressive PvP – Varied class options – Visually attractive
  • Generic setting

Forsaken World is a popular 3D MMORPG based in a fantasy world developed by the same studio behind Perfect World. The game focuses on providing an accessible experience to casual players while still offering end game depth for the hardcore community.


Forsaken World isn’t shy on packing in unique features to help set it apart from most standard MMORPG experiences either. This feature list includes powerful floating fortresses for guilds to fight for, epic map wide skills, the ability for players to become Gods of their server and an interesting vampire race.

On top of the vampire race (Kindred) there are 4 other available races which can be paired with over 10 occupations and 8 classes so there is plenty of mix and match options available.

Classes provide a good mixture of standard archetypes along with some fun hybrids that are a nice change from other game offerings. Each race also starts out in their own area and comes complete with their own backstory to better immerse you in the entire experience.


Forsaken World does a good job of hiding the grind with plenty of story driven quests to keep players occupied. Quests are definitely the way to level up in Forsaken World and there are more than enough that you’ll never have to resort to old fashioned grinding. This combines well with a very impressive achievement system with hundreds of medals, trophies, titles and rewards to unlock.

As far as free MMO role playing games are concerned Forsaken World is definitely part of the top few and the developer has proven it can handle the demands and necessary updates needed to keep a large MMO alive with the success of Perfect World.


  • Designed for a casual western audience.
  • Impressive number of unique features.
  • Doesn’t feel like a grind.
  • Good mixture of races, occupations and classes.
  • Lots of PvP variety for PvP fans.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. The only problem with Forsaken in my opnion is that it is very empty the server, and is a bit annoying feel you are playing alone.

  2. BEWARE OF THIS GAME… the retail version run by PWE is poorly staffed with little or no customer service and although the game itself is free… you’ll go bankrupt trying to max your character for anything competitive (i mean it, you can literally spend tens of thousands of dollars and not have maxed your character). Aria private server is even worse… they’ll welcome you with open arms, happily take your “donations” and never tell you that their server is over-run with CHEATERS using third party scripts/bots to re-id their gear for double and even triple crit damage or defense stats that are impossible for a normal player to compete with… AND… if you give in to the cheating and try to use a script/bot yourself… better hope you don’t get caught, cuz you’ll be BANNED… AND… forget about submitting a ticket or asking for help in their forum… if you mention re-id bots, they’ll delete your posts and ban you from their forum. It’s really too bad… this is a good game, run by crappy companies who just want to take your money. My advice… avoid this game at all costs and don’t waste a minute of your time or a cent of your cash here. Wish someone had warned me away three years ago… :(


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