Fossil Fighters: Champions

  • Old and new mechanics – 150 vivosaurs – Fun battle system
  • Thin story

Fossil Fighters Champions is a sequel to Fossil Fighters and was released in 2011 for the Nintendo DS platform. The game uses many of the same gameplay mechanics and some story elements but doesn’t require players play the original.


Just like the original game players battle dinosaur like creatures known as vivosaurs in order to become a master trainer. These vivosaurs aren’t found in the wild though, in order to unlock new vivosaurs players are required to find their fossil and carefully extract it from the ground (although some vivosaurs are accessed through quest rewards). The better you are able to remove the fossil from the ground the stronger your vivosaur will be.

In Fossil Fighters you have plenty of tools to help you accomplish the fossil extraction process. Your handy sonar will help guide you towards fossil sites while your hammer and drill will help clean up the fossils for revival.

Removing the layers of dirt would be an easy task with unlimited time but in Fossil Fighters Champions you are given only 90 seconds to clear as much of the fossil as possible creating an addictive balance of speed and precision. Unlike the original game you’ll have access to a number of consumable items to help you on the more difficult fossils.

As far as the actual revival is concerned players need only find the head for the vivosaur but by finding additional fossils (arms and legs) you can create a stronger revival and thus a stronger vivosaur. The game has all the original vivosaur species but also adds plenty of new ones for a total count of over 150.


When you are done exploring the game world for fossils and have revived your ultimate team you can shift your attention to combat which takes place in 3v3 turn based battles. Elements play an important role and serve as strengths and weaknesses requiring adjustment to overall strategy and making team composition important.

Everything in Fossil Fighters Champions is well put together and offers a good mix of old and new mechanics for long time fans or newcomers to this interesting game series.


  • Over 150 vivosaurs to revive for battle.
  • Mixture of new and old game mechanics.
  • Plenty of tools and new consumables to careful extract fossils.
  • 3v3 battles with plenty of strategy.
  • Great for all ages.



Review Platform: DS

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