Fossil Fighters

  • Fossil finding is lots of fun – Plenty of different vivosaurs
  • Lacks some polish

Fossil Fighters is a game that has you digging up the past and battling dinosaurs against each other. The game draws obvious inspiration from the popular Pokemon series and is available on the Nintendo DS. The game also has a sequel titled Fossil Fighters: Champions which was released 2 years after the success of the original.


At the start of the game players will be run through a detailed tutorial on the mechanics of the game  From here players explore a vast game world with a variety of environments as they dig up fossils and protect the inhabitants that they encounter with their dinosaur type monster known as a vivosaur.

The story places you in control of a young boy that travels to Vivosaur Island, a resort island where battles between vivosaurs take place. It has always been your dream to take part in these battles and ultimately rise to the rank of master.

The game lets you  battle over 100 of these vivosaurs. Battling isn’t the only game aspect though and most players will enjoy the hunt for their fossils just as much as the battles.


Once you’ve found a fossil in the game world it is up to you to use a variety of tools to unearth the fossil. Being careful in the fossil extraction is key though as better cleaning and perseveration of the fossil leads to a more powerful vivosaur. Your time is limited though so you will have to balance speed and precision carefully.

Fossil Fighters offers a fun and unique blend of game mechanics that make it interesting and exciting. The unique method of uncovering fossils will keep you entertained from start to finish and there is plenty of depth in the combat to let careful planning overcome raw power.


  • Unique fossil finding mechanic to unlock new vivosaurs.
  • Large world with a variety of locations to explore.
  • Makes great use of the touch screen to help you get involves in the gameplay.
  • Over 100 different vivosaurs to discover.
  • Supports battles and trading with your friends.



Review Platform: DS

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