Franktown Rocks

  • Based around music – Available activities and games
  • Smaller community than the bigger virtual worlds

Everybody loves music, just imagine how much fun a music based game world would be. This is where Franktown Rocks comes in, providing a fun online game for tweens (ages 8-12) where they can play games, make music and so much more.


Franktown Rocks is a free to play experience and can be played within your browser. The game features music from all of your favourite artists such as Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, TobyMac, the Jonas Brothers, Selana Gomez, Michael Jackson and many other popular artists (all G rated songs).

Franktown Rocks isn’t all about listening to music though and also provides you with plenty of fun tools to make your own music and share it with other users.

The game doesn’t all revolve around music though and lets you play games, watch videos, dress up your avatar, design rooms, complete quests and even drive cars in the virtual universe. You can also access a number of fun child friendly activities from the website such as wallpapers, free downloadable games and colouring pages.

In the virtual world of Franktown Rocks you can customise your own rock star with the great collection of accessories including clothing, hats and sunglasses to create your own unique presence in the game. Players only have access to a small number of items at the start of the game but by participating in the game world can earn additional money (Franks) for clothing and house related items.


Once you’ve decided on your look you can start interacting with other players and eventually make friends with them. To chat with other players you can either use the ultimate safe chat (pre-set phrases only) or safe chat which uses standard filters depending on your account settings.

On the surface Franktown is just your average virtual world but the musical elements really set it apart from similar games. Not only are the musical aspects incredibly fun and addictive but it also has plenty of educational and learning potential.


  • Listen to music or create your own.
  • Chat with other users with the safe chat systems.
  • Make friends and add them as buddies.
  • Decorate your own rock star with a number of accessories.
  • Huge collection of games to play for Franks (the in game currency).



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