Frozen Essence

  • Character design – Visuals – Story
  • Length of game

Frozen Essence is a free to play otome game with an impressive fantasy theme. With over a dozen endings there is plenty of gameplay to enjoy.


In Frozen Essence players will play as Mina who has just woken up from her crystal prison. With no memory of her past it is up to the player to discover these things for Mina. One thing is certain though she has a dark power within her.

The game is split into a number of routes which slowly piece together Mina’s previous life. Thankfully you’ll have the guidance of the oracle to help you on your journey and piece together the information that you uncover. During this adventure you’l alsol get to form relationships with four main male characters each with their own personality (there is even an extra hidden character for you to romance).

Romance isn’t only the only goal in the game though with players also being able to work towards non-romantic goals with the characters. These choices create several endings for each path so players can replay the game a few times to capture all the game endings.


In Frozen Essence you are getting a high quality experience for a free price tag. The art style and graphic quality is fairly high and definitely stays impressive throughout the journey with wonderful of use colours and shadings to create an eerie atmosphere deserving of a paid game. The story and characters are just as impressive with a unique setting and story with great character variety that slowly develops overtime.

For a free game there is a good amount of game hours in Frozen Essence although fans of otome will wish there was more since it is of such a high quality.


  • A unique setting.
  • A very impressive all around otome game.
  • Discover the truth and origins of Mina.
  • 4 different guys to romance and an extra hidden character.
  • Free to play!



Review Platform: PC

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  1. I really loved the game! You won’t regret playing it; the art style isn’t all that good, but it’s a very captivating story.

    There are some grammar mistakes, but they aren’t too much so you can just overlook them.


  2. I love this game! It’s so much fun to try to play through all endings. Only thing is, the art style isn’t the best, but that’s what makes it unique. I would recommend to anyone who likes fantasy romance otome/ visual novel games!

  3. I loved it! The previous game I played was Ascension, and I was afraid I wouldn’t find any other visual novel that I’d like… Frozen Essence started out a bit slowly, and I wasn’t fond of the style either. But I got used to it, and… From the beginning I had a feeling about who to romance, but I was very unsure whether I could play that path… Still I followed that feeling, and it turned out to be a wonderful romance, with a beautiful story! It kept my attention (even though it took me about 3 hours to play it), and it was so worth it!

  4. It started out a bit slowly… Especially since I didn’t feel like romancing anyone. Or actually I did, but I thought that person wasn’t an option. But I was hopeful, and I got a beautiful ending, with a wonderful romance! The characters are great. The dialogues may feel long, and it actually takes up about 3 hours to finish. But totally worth it! Don’t know about the other endings though.


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