Galactic Civilizations III

  • Great visual presentation – Solid AI base
  • Combat imbalances – Little innovation outside of more stuff

Marking number three in the franchise Galactic Civilizations III once again returns to space with a premium 4X turn brand strategy game offering that builds further on the marks of its predecessors.


Galactic Civilizations III embarks on a story a decade after the war against the Dread Lords with their allies mostly being exterminated or pushed to the edges of space. With the human race now possessing the power of faster than light travel a new galaxy of exploration awaits. Leading the fresh Terrain Alliance you are in given the reins to the human expansion, discovering all the alien races in the galaxy.

This races come with their own histories, technologies, starships for players to experience as you wage war, colonise worlds and trade. With the vast galaxy to explore and the large host of alien races Galactic Civilizations III achieved one of the largest 4X titles to be made both in the campaign and sandbox skirmish modes.


This also ensures that new two games are the same experience outside the game campaign with players having full control of galaxy size, planet density, event frequency and ease of resources. Each game can also end in a variety ways as is standard for the genre with the likes of military conquest, cultural victories, tech advancement and diplomacy all being viable end game paths to chase in Galactic Civilizations III.

If that wasn’t enough you’ve also got a ship designer along with the potential to fight 100 opponents in a single game. With the layers of technology, economic simulation and great multiplayer support the game rivals the best in the genre.


  • 4X gameplay on a galactic scale.
  • Huge technology tree to research and employ across space.
  • Support for 16 to 100 opponents in matches.
  • Story driven campaign.
  • Only on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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