Galactic Civilizations

  • Multiple ways to play – Plenty of options for victory – Good AI
  • Nothing special or innovative

Galactic Civilizations is one of the many spaced based strategy games around. The game was released in 2003 with its success leading to a sequel three years later with similar gameplay and mechanics. A single expansion pack titled Altarian Prophecy was also released which added 2 new races to the game.


The game takes place in a distant future soon after humans have discovered the power of the hyper drive which allows fast and near immediate travel to any point in the universe. Up until this point space exploration was near impossible as travel required use of specialised jump gates which only allowed travel between two predetermined points.

The introduction of this new technology to the other five major races in the galaxy changed the situation completely and now everyone is scrambling to explore the galaxy and claim planets for themselves.

Similar to other games in the genre and setting the goal in Galactic Civilizations is to take control of the galaxy. How you decide to take control is completely up to you with various options available to the player. This includes a victory through war, diplomacy, an overwhelming technological advantage or through a dominating cultural presence throughout the galaxy.


Players are limited to the human civilization (Terran Alliance) in the game but there is enough depth and options available to them that they can be played in a number of ways. Each of the other races have their own distinct playstyles that the AI adheres to, such as the overly aggressive Drengin Empire. In general players will find that the AI is pretty adaptive to most situations and can put up a great challenge.

Galactic Civilizations doesn’t do anything special but it is an overall good experience and is perfect for players looking to get into the genre but don’t want to play older games like Space Empires or Master of Orion.


  • One of the many 4X space strategy games available.
  • Good mixture of races with their own personalities.
  • Plenty of win conditions to let you play the game differently each time.
  • Has a good backstory to the universe.
  • Buy the Ultimate Edition and get the expansion pack as well.



Review Platform: PC

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