• Quest system – Number of shops and items
  • Not as fun without friends

GalaStories is part of the growing number of online fashion and social games that are sweeping Facebook. GalaStories is definitely one of the best available though with thousands of quests and areas for players to experience.


GalaStories is a free fashion game available through Facebook that lets players dress up their avatar with countless fashion items. Customisation includes tops, skirts, pants, socks, shoes, coats and plenty of other fun accessories.

GalaStories is all about the latest fashion, players are encouraged to regularly change up their outfits and visit the hundreds of different stores in hunt for that perfect outfit. Thanks to the thousands of potential combinations of clothes, shoes and accessories it’s never hard to develop your next fancy look. By exploring the various shops around the game world players can also try any piece of clothing before they buy.

GalaStories is extremely quest orientated compared to other games which is part of the reason for its popularity. You are never short of quests to complete in the game world, this could be helping friends find an outfit, searching through stores and much more. Players are also free to enter fashion showdowns against others for popularity, money and glamour points.


Friends play an important role in your experience with GalaStories and can help to increase your popularity in the game world while also increasing the number of tasks you have available to you. Players who don’t have any Facebook friends in GalaStories can definitely expect to advance at a slower rate but this isn’t anything new in the Facebook game genre.

GalaStories is easily one of the better social Facebook games around and is easy to see why it has such a huge fan following. The game’s also never short on updates so new experiences and fashions are right around the corner.


  • Fashion and social game on Facebook.
  • Huge number of quests to complete.
  • Hundreds of fashionable items to mix and match.
  • Enter fashion showdowns to gain popularity and more.
  • Search through different shops and try on clothes before you buy.



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