Game Corp DX

  • Simple to grasp core that still provides players the ability to design unique video games
  • 28 core achievements to guide your progression from start to finish
  • Limited long term depth means you'll be unlikely to play more than once

Game Corp DX delivers an enhanced version of the popular free to play game of the same name (Game Corp). With a large feature list that builds on the foundations of the free to play version there is plenty of room to manage your own gaming company and reach the satisfying level of perfect game release without being bogged down by complex mechanics. Released in 2015 for Windows, Mac and Linux fans of video games can turn the tables and now create their own video game experience based on their real world gaming experience.


In your own personal Game Corp DX adventure your job is to take your simple independent game company from developing unsuccessful micro games to massive large scale games that receive plenty of praise from critics alongside dollars from fans to reinvest in your next sequel. In order to do this you’ll have to fight off rivals, train your team, expand and win the yearly game awards that provides plenty of objectives with this game about making video games.

Gameplay in Game Corp DX is kept simple with players set up in their own small office building for their base of video game development operations. In order to make games players will need to fill this with fridges, watercoolers, tables and work spaces for employees just as you would in the real world while balancing investment in the video games themselves. These staples of office life will ensure your workers are well fed while providing them with the space they need to complete their specialised work.


With happy workers you’ll find them to be the heart of your operations with the right blend of skills necessary to see success. These workers can be classified into one of four specialities; code, art, sound or writing with games of different genres requiring different inputs of each before release as any gamer would expect. Workers start with low values in these skills which makes experience from working on games and training in advanced tools related to their speciality critical to your progression towards higher quality games.

Alongside your workers the other element to your success is the decisions you make during a games initial development cycle. When starting a new project players will get to select micro, small, medium, large which require different numbers of team members and then combine that with a choice of genre. Once you’ve settled on these its time to assign workers from your available and let them get to work on the game project.


Depending on the amount of work involve players will find the game ready for publish a few game days later at which point you can release it the world with an appropriate advertising spend to help it generate additional revenue over its life time. While players will hopefully at least breakeven on costs your ideal situation is to double or triple your funds invested to then allow a greater level of investment in the next game creation.

In time players will use these funds to reinvest beyond just the next project but also in your game development business you’ll be able to expand your operations with larger office space, new staff and other enhancements to meet worker needs. All of which support one of the main game objectives of claiming all the game awards at the yearly award show and as a result becoming the top game company. To help with this pathway Game Corp DX also includes 28 total objectives to help guide your progress from your first worker to this final award achievement.


  • An enhanced version of the free to play Game Corp strategy game.
  • Recruit, train and assign your game work force across the four skillsets of video game development.
  • Build out the office and expand into larger ones to provide the needs your growing workforce desires.
  • Lead your own game company by assigning resources, selecting a genre and naming every game you create.
  • Compete in the yearly game awards against your rival game companies.



Review Platform: PC

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