Game of Emperors

  • Colourful graphics – Heir system – Lots of mechanics
  • Long tutorial throws everything at you at once

Game of Emperors offers medieval theme RTS gameplay with colourful graphics. Following the standard formula of creating your own empire through resource collection, raiding and research of technologies there is plenty to do on your way from tutorial to top of leader board rankings.


Said tutorial is an expansive one with over two dozen steps but does adequately arm you with the knowledge you’ll need going forward. A side benefit of this extended introduction to the game is you’ll have a large base of core buildings and resources, allowing you to experience the more enjoyable components of the MMORTS genre right off the bat, rather than after a few hours like in similar games.

Game of Emperors is not shy when it comes to offering features either and packs in nearly everything you’ve seen before from MMORTS games into a single experience. You’ve got the likes dozens of economic and military buildings, population assignment, tax rates, population happiness, detailed player profiles, PvE cities to raid, emperors with skills for your army and much more.

While none of the above are particular new in the genre Game of Emperors would have to be one of the first to use such a large number of them in a single game (and use them well). Gameplay still comes down to what you’ve likely experience before with the assignment of villagers to your resource generating buildings you’ll gather lumber, iron and stone to fuel your war machine and grow the population of your empire.


You’ll have to put some real thought into said expansion in Game of Emperors as you’ll want to keep a highly employed workforce in order to earn the most tax revenue (gold), a vital resource in all empire endeavours. Another area that requires significant thought is the palace where you’ll manage the heirs in the imperial family who each have inborn talents to provide small boosts to efficiency. Each of these characters level up both as governors and war generals which allows for a variety of skills to be unlocked that assist players in the respective economic and military game areas.

Game of Emperors does a fabulous job of taking the countless mechanics seen in the MMORTS genre and wrapping them up in one colourful package. While it’s still mostly a numbers game there are some elements that require real strategic thinking.


  • Play in your browser or through Steam for Windows.
  • Large number of game mechanics to consider.
  • Unique heir management system.
  • Raid in PvE and PvP for more resources.
  • Colourful game graphics.



Review Platform: Browser

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