• Vast amount of depth and choice in game development which pairs perfectly with the amount of stats and trends to analyse
  • Captures the past eras of gaming perfectly and can provide a nostalgic trip
  • Bugs can ruin your game in minor to even extreme ways which can lead to frustration
  • Minimalist UI and graphics take away some of the immersion and atmosphere

GamersGoMakers lets you experience the growth of the video game market first hand through your own video game company which starts in the early days of the industry and seeks to ride the wave of growth to vast profits. Fundamentally GamersGoMakers operates as a management and simulation title supported by a healthy campaign that explores the evolution of video gaming.


Before each campaign attempt players will get to name their company, select a difficultly level, customise their looks and choose the starting decade (1980, 1990 or 2000) which impacts on the available technology you’ll be able to leverage. Additionally players can also select three of the games skills to specialise in which includes things like gameplay, level design, game writing, graphics and sound while also selecting their home country which each come with their own bonuses. With the array of options you’ll have the benefit of being able to try various combinations to achieve victory but also provides ample replay opportunity beyond your first game win.

With GamersGoMakers centred around the design and creation of video games by your fictional company there is plenty of appeal to gamers while offering the ability to live out a dream for many gamers. Just like in the real gaming industry in order to achieve success players must take into account current trends in the industry which evolve over time along with platform market shares although some of the more popular consoles throughout the eras require an upfront license cost to develop and sell games on.


At the start of each new gaming project players must select the genre they want to pursue with all the popular ones represented such as action, MMO, RPG, racing, education, war, music, strategy and various sub-niches in between. Other options include the ability to name your game, select extra features and determine how you’ll spend your development time to skew the final result towards specific features. Action games for example are best tilted towards gameplay while adventure games might want stronger game writing to keep gamers engaged. Other tweaks to development time include game engine, graphics, sound, AI, UI, and various subsets of game design (sound, content, level, etc.)

Games can be further customised by determining the story theme, hiring freelancers, selecting language translations, creating your own game cover art and price for your final product. After the full release players will get reviews of their game which is broken down into the individual game sections and elements to help you understand what the market is after and where you might want to invest into the future. Successful game releases can also increase the number of game fans that your company has that has ongoing benefits to your sale numbers.


It’s clear that GamersGoMakers offers an impressive amount of depth with ample customisation in developing your perfect video game but importantly players will feel informed when making these decisions thanks to the game stats that provide information on trends in the industry to ensure you are on track with your selections. This also extends to the depth of the feedback loop and 90 days after launch you’ll get country specific feedback about your released game which allows you to make games that cater to each country, the United States for example has a higher tolerance for video game violence.

GamersGoMakers is a well-designed management title with a feature list and level of depth that is larger than comparable games giving you plenty of stats and trends to analyse and adapt. Unfortunately players will need to be wary of the number of bugs included in the final product with the occasional mechanic not working as intended amongst some completely game ending ones that will require you to restart again.


  • Lead your game studio through the eras of video game development.
  • Choose the genre and development focus for each game creation to create a unique title designed appropriately for external trends.
  • Analyse the stats of your past releases and the general industry trends to improve future game releases and maximum your profit.
  • Manage your staff and freelancers to maximise game quality.
  • Launch your game on multiple platforms and across countries like the real world.



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