Gangstar Vegas

  • Massive amount of content for a mobile title with an expansive city of story and side content
  • In game ads slow down the pace of gameplay as it takes you away from the streets

The streets of Vegas awaits players in Gangstar Vegas which serves as yet another exciting addition to the Gangstar series of open world mobile games that are available across iOS and Android. Comparisons to the GTA franchise aside Gangstar Vegas (and the other Gangstar titles) are well ahead of other open world mobile experiences with strong core fundamental gameplay and plenty of content to explore.


Playing as Jason Malone a boxer who fails to take a critical dive in a fight for a mob boss to capitalise players spend the early parts of the game on the run which also serves as the game tutorial. After being introduced to the likes of hand to hand fighting and vehicle controls in this opening sequence you’ll be unleashed onto the open virtual world of Vegas. Just like the past titles in the Gangstar franchise players will follow a main story, meet a cast of characters and complete plenty of side activities to fill in the time in between. Along the way players will be developing Jason Malone through new skills, equipment and opportunities that grow your level of wealth and capability for the hardest in game challenges available.

Story missions of Gangstar Vegas in particular are easy to follow with the ability to start the next one from the menu rather than having to drive around the city. For a mobile device this is a welcomed shortcut by ensuring players can find their next source of core game content and helps it become an effective mobile title for both the short and long game bursts. This feature is also quite useful if you are a reckless player and constantly find yourself at the centre of police attention as you move around the city either accidently or purposefully causing crime.


While some adjustment is required before you’ll be able to fluently control Jason the controls overall do a good job and stand up against most comparable mobile titles. Driving is slightly better overall and feels natural in comparison to walking and running although these player a small role in gameplay as players will mostly drive around the large city landscape from landmark to location to the next.

Whether moving between these locations as part of the main story mission or one of the many side activities like gang wars, bank robberies, underground fights or street racing the world of Gangstar Vegas constantly feels alive. With each of these you’ll acquire wealth to obtain new weapons and importantly properties that can provide a passive source of income for Jason to help with his open world journey.


A consistent theme from this open world journey and missions is fighting which happens both with your fists and weapons you’ve acquired with an auto-lock on target system to help mobile players. A cover system for combat also lets you easily sit behind obstacles and fire out bullets at rival gang soldiers. All of this and other activities of Gangstar Vegas also become easier as you level up your character and spend your skills points on the likes of improved weapon damage, clip sizes, resistances and reload speed to suit your tastes.


  • Another addition to the Gangstar series that expands on the core of the franchise with a new location, story and mechanics.
  • Explore the city of Vegas by car and foot for main story and side content.
  • Upgrade your character and unlock all sorts of weapons along the way.
  • An expansive open world based on real world Vegas with all of the activities you would expect from the city of sin.
  • Play for free on Android and iOS.



Review Platform: iOS

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