Garden Defense

  • Great variety in enemy and level types that provide a balanced challenge
  • Lab skill point system gives you ability to upgrade your favourite garden defence tools
  • Simple graphics and core gameplay loop lacks longevity in game sessions

Garden Defense is a casual tower game that takes place in the garden of a suburban house in Lindencroft that utilises familiar mechanics in a garden setting. In order to survive and conquer all of the levels that the game has to offer you will have to place a variety of plants to fight off the evil invading bugs of similar variety.


The game is a step up to offer a gameplay experience on the casual end of the gaming spectrum without a significant level of difficult present but still enough strategic decisions to be enjoyable in the tower defence realm. The result is a great balance for most strategically minded players who don’t want a complete casual game but don’t want something that is extremely taxing in terms of gameplay decisions either.

The setting for this in Garden Defense is the suburb of Lindencroft which has recently come under attack by a serious bug problem leaving no corner of the garden safe from these pets. In order to stop the attacking bugs you and your home put up a final line of defence and in time will even push them back to the corners of the garden. Across these game levels you’ll use your lawn ornaments, bug fighting plants and a variety of other inventions to protect your flowers. Garden Defense also uses a lab research system so you can improve your favourite defences over time to create a slightly different strategy from another player.


You will find the experience on offer from the popular Garden Defense title to be reminiscent of looking after your own garden and will make you wish you had these handy game defences to protect your garden in real life. The game is finely tuned to provide a polished and fluid game experience that is complete with cutscenes, enjoyable voice-overs and a light hearted simple storyline to keep you focused on one level to the next.

Within this fantastic wrapping of features the game plays out like your standard tower defence game with players setting up their chosen traps around a specific path (or two) which bugs and other enemies will travel along at different speeds. Just like other games in the genre players tackle each level in waves of ever increasing numbers and intensity which mix and match the available bugs for different challenges. From fast waves to slow and durable waves you’ll need a diverse defence to deal with each of the core bug enemy types.


These enemies include the obvious snails, beetles, flies and centipedes which each drop vital cash to upgrade your towers or build additional defences. With your towers similarly diverse you’ll need to consider the levels needs to determine the best plan defence such as the cactus that is ideal to needle flying enemies or the nightbell flower that is more focused on groups of land bugs.


  • A tower defence game set within a garden environment for Windows.
  • Construct a range of gadgets and plants to counter an equally diverse roster of bugs.
  • Upgrade your favourite tools with the lab skill point system.
  • Wonderful game setting which is further detailed through game cutscenes and story elements between levels.
  • Varied game levels that each provide their own garden challenge.



Review Platform: PC

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