Gemini Lost

  • Simple core gameplay loop with a strong number of research paths to explore and unlock
  • Interesting story framework which ties in with the well known Zodiac
  • Doesn't attempt any innovate on similar games that came before it
  • Requires some idling and waiting for time to pass which could have been removed or done differently without impacting the design

Gemini Lost opens with a beam of light transferring you and your friends to a mysterious world where players must pick up the pieces and find their way home. Along the way you’ll rebuild a civilization, conduct research, gather resources and keep your small community of characters happy in the Gemini Lost’s blend of time management, strategy and light touches of life/village simulation.

Gemini Lost delivers this experience through a highly structure puzzle and objective based offering which provides the step by step goals for players to achieve in order to progress. Despite this structured regime of tasks players have some flexibility in how to achieve them. While an obstacle blocking the path for example can only be cleared in one way the methods for players accumulating the resources or means of removing it offers some sense of choice. Similarly, if your goal is to build a new structure for your small community of characters you’ll have the flexibility in how you achieve the often lofty resource requirements to do so.


This design choice in Gemini Lost also ensures that players are constantly ticking off objectives making it attractive for the more casual or time poor player who likes to be able to make significant progress over a 30-minute game session. This generally holds true throughout the entire Gemini Lost adventure albeit there are some instances of unnecessary idle and waiting built into the game that breaks up this otherwise steady pace of gameplay.

Keeping track of all these little victories in Gemini Lost is handled through the list of historic objectives which includes over 50 trophies to collect which is in addition to the dozen rare artifacts players have to locate as part of the core story line of returning home by building a teleportation machine. These 12 artifacts are closely tied with the signs of the zodiac and for the most part is done in an intriguing way that links it back to a point of reference in the real world.


Other gameplay in Gemini Lost revolves around a small number of mini games or the nearly two dozen game puzzles which when completed provide enhanced abilities or tools for use by your settlors to advance the settlement. Said settlement is made up of your friends who were taken away in the beam of light and conveniently offers a perfect balance of male and female characters to assist with the main game mechanic of marriage and children as Gemini Lost is designed to be completed over multiple generations.

This is another game element where the signs of the zodiac make an appearance with players matching people together based on their zodiac symbol with careful planning allowing you to progress faster through the game than someone who matches characters more haphazardly.


Management of your abducted community of people also extends beyond their relationships with players able to command individual characters to complete tasks around the camp. Tasks range from the basic collection of wood and mining ore for resources to the more complex by leveraging your villagers’ interests in scientific ventures for technological advancement through research trees.

Overall the strong steady pacing of Gemini Lost when combined with the vast range of achievements to obtain make it an enjoyable light management game and helps to offset the otherwise innovative lacking simple mechanics adopted from similar titles.


  • Lead your small village to the 12 Zodiac artifacts and return home through the teleportation machine.
  • Large list of trophies (over 50) and collectables to find for the diligent and achievement focused gamer.
  • Marry your settlers based on their zodiac symbols to create the next generation.
  • Assign resource tasks and research new technology to individual settlers.
  • For Windows and Mac through Steam.



Review Platform: PC

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