Genies and Gems

  • Great level designs that are filled with colourful sound and graphics
  • Steady flow to difficultly increase ensures you are challenged throughout
  • Core game is everything you've seen before in the genre with little attempts to create fresh gameplay
  • A range of game crashes and bugs hurt the experience by impacting level completion or rewards

Genies and Gems is a magical themed puzzle matching title for iOS and Android devices along with the ability to play on your computer through Facebook which replaces the previously browser based gameplay through Facebook. Employing a well known formula Genies and Gems is a game that is easy to get into and focuses on a steady increase of difficultly level and colourful graphics to entice you to play over the large number of comparable titles.


One key element to this is Trix the fox who partners up with Jenni a female magic user to provide some context and adventure to the hundreds of game levels while paired with fantastic presentation. This and a few other high production value aesthetics ensure that Genies and Gems is engaging and relaxing through the gameplay on offer. Unfortunately Genies and Gems does have a tendency to produce crashes or game bugs particularly on low to mid range devices which can break this experience, lose progress or miss out on in game rewards.

This Genies and Gems gameplay is similar to the many other games out there in the genre with a focus on the matching of various coloured tiles on a constantly changing game board. Players are rewarded handsomely for matching groups of tiles in lines of 4 or more to quickly clear the level and rack up a large number of points which allow you to challenge yourself and unlock secret idols throughout the game levels more easily.


A large majority of levels in Genies and Gems opt for the same mechanic which focuses on Trix and moving your fox friend from one location on the game board to a treasure chest of goodies in another. While it’s been done before in other games the focus on this mechanic results in a steady increase in difficultly that feels rewarding as little by little Trix moves further away from the treasure or has to move around obstacles.

This isn’t the only level type you’ll encounter in Genies and Gems either with other levels requiring players to collect all the gold by making matches close to these tiles and are offered in just the right frequency to ensure variety but not disrupt the difficulty curve or feel overly repetitive.


With all the other usual social integration features, limited number of moves per level and helpful one time boosts Genies and Gems is a solid choice for puzzle match fans which is bolstered even more by the consistent updates and dedicated community following.


  • Match three puzzle gameplay with high production values.
  • Free for iOS and Android or available through Facebook.
  • Help Trix move across the game board in each level to reach the treasure in a limited number of moves.
  • Magical themed adventure with vibrant colours and sounds.
  • Steadily ramps up difficultly to ensure a balance between challenge and enjoyment.



Review Platform: iOS

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. This game keeps crashing. I reached out to the support team and they told me to close out all apps, restart in 10 seconds. I did this and still it crashes and I automatically lose a life. Not impressed.

  2. I love playing your game however it crashes all the time!
    Will not play this game again a real pos

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