Gods of Olympus

  • Unique and diverse god abilities ensures there is an option for all tastes
  • No build timers gives players instant access to new buildings they have unlocked
  • Basic graphics compared to similar titles across all content
  • Late game is still focused on paying players unlocking powerful boosts and gods

Providing innovation to the base building mobile genre Gods of Olympus seeks to remove build times, offer unique reward mechanics and provide players a greater level of combat control than seen before. Available across iOS and Android for free Gods of Olympus lets you command the Gods right from your mobile device while experiencing a fairer approach to the freemium strategy genre that dominates the respective mobile app marketplaces.


Pulling game design inspiration from the mythologies of civilisations past players will primarily recruit gods of Olympus which bleeds into the broader Greece inspired setting. This sees a world full of fortified cities and Greek era combat units as players build out their own empire, defend their city from invaders and in time take the fight to PvE and PvP content options.

A mobile base building title without timers for buildings sounds almost like a myth but this is exactly the main selling point of Gods of Olympus with players no longer having to wait hours upon hours for that new fancy building that they have unlocked. The unique mechanics of the title don’t stop there though with players also being rewarded for defending attacks against enemies rather than the usual focus on aggressive actions alone. With this feature players can invest more of their resources into a powerful base given you can recover that cost through successful defends and not just being an aggressive raider with powerful units.


These defences will be made against the gods themselves as they are called into battle by other players (or yourself when attacking), the likes of Zeus, Apollo, Hades and Ares are all yours to directly control with themes to their attacks based on mythology also seen in other video games. All the gods have their own attacks, stats and playstyles which can overcome various defences in both PvE and PvP settings where the objective is to destroy the temples of your opponent.

Zeus for example is a durable hero that is intended to draw the focus of enemies while using devastating lightning attacks to disrupt large areas meanwhile Hades turns enemies into resurrected skeletons while he skirts the front and backlines with short range attacks. Players are given full control of units during these battle sequences as well which gives you a real time mechanic and while it won’t allow players to overcome vastly superior defences a skilled active player can sometimes make the difference.


All of this attacking and defending is not without reward though and translated into resources for players to invest defensively in towers and upgrades to building health. These actions are limited by your pool of nectar which is in short supply but does come back upon level up, ensuring new players can quickly find their footing in the game soon after installing it for the first time.

With this foundation core in place your attention can then shift the structured gameplay loop that Gods of Olympus offers of pushing your city development to the next stage, balancing your defensive and offensive options, joining an alliance of other players and pushing through a single player campaign that draws heavy inspiration from Greek mythology.


  • Freemium base building with no build timers and other unique mechanics to separate itself from a sea of similar titles.
  • Command powerful gods across PvE and PvP and 3 difficultly levels to alter your experience.
  • Call on the abilities of the gods to quickly demolish your enemies with Greek mythology inspirations like Zeus and Hades with their own playstyles.
  • Be rewarded for attacks and defends against other players to ensure all players feel rewarded for their play.
  • Play on iOS and Android mobile devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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