• Impressive visuals – Easy controls – Large community
  • Loading time (especially first load)

GoJiyo blends social networking with a virtual universe. Back by a large and dedicated community the game creates a great experience.


GoJiyo lets you do all the activities that you can on other websites and includes the ability to create your own personalised avatar, meet new people, visit strange new lands and much more. GoJiyo has some truly impressive environments to explore which are all extremely varied. The level of visual appeal is very high especially since the game is browser based. You’ll also find that movement is very responsive allowing you to easily explore everything on offer.

The variety of environments in GoJiyo includes things like beautiful cities, old style towns, urban settings, night clubs, moons and even underwater cities. Each of these environments takes place on a different world which players can move between as they please.

As you explore these environments you aren’t limited to exploration or chatting though thanks to the large number of adventures (quests) built into the game that helps you get your footing while also giving you something to do.


Friendships are everywhere and just waiting to be found in GoJiyo with countless other users just waiting to chat with you on the latest hot topics or just things that interest you. It’s very easy to make friends in this vast virtual world and then joining them in a number of the activities in the game.

On top of all these features GoJiyo allows you to earn real life rewards for playing which adds another layer to the gameplay. GoJiyo is an enjoyable online experience and particularly attractive to players who want something with good features that can be played within a browser window. The additional potential to earn real life rewards just sweetens the deal.


  • Mixes social network and virtual worlds.
  • Play in your browser for free.
  • Earn real life rewards for your activity.
  • Large community to chat with.
  • Huge variety of worlds to explore.



Review Platform: Browser

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Samuel Franklin
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  1. It’s pretty good from what I’ve seen so far. A lot of graphic bugs though that you might consider fixing.

  2. Signed up there for the second time in 2 years, log in fails every time and Unity player does not work properly. Unity player had either MALWARE or some type of virus last time I used that for another game site too.


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