Gone Home

  • Brilliantly crafted house – Hidden items with comical value
  • Price to game time

Imagine arriving home fresh from a year abroad to find your house empty, where is your family and what events have happened? These are the answers you’ll find as you explore your abandoned home.


Pegged as interactive exploration experience Gone Home is set in a decade long past, 1995. Playing as the young Kaitlin Greenbriar you’ll land in your home town of Oregon with a keenness to meet with your mother, father and sister. With no sign of life within the house players search around for clues that takes them through events that happened after they left to travel abroad and how those actions led to the current circumstances.

Gameplay aims to be highly interactive and focused around discovery with players having the ability to examine objects within the house, open up cupboards and ultimately uncover the clues within. All of this is experienced in first person through the eyes of Kaitlin.

Gone Home is without objectives and goals but does encourage and reward players to search areas of the house and hidden messages contained within. Objects that you’ll explore include things such as notes on the fridge, books, bottles of salad dressing and all manner of normal household items.


The house setting in Gone Home does an amazing job of capturing a loving household similar to one you likely grew up in, except with an eerie back drop as a thunderstorm rages on outside.

Gone Home might not be up everyone’s alley but there is a wealth of interesting things to uncover for players that will enjoy combing every single inch of your house.


  • Explore your 1995 era house.
  • Uncover the sequence of events that have left your house empty.
  • Open every door, cupboard and drawer in the house.
  • Comical and strange items to be uncovered.
  • Available for computer and consoles.



Review Platform: PC

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