• Interaction with the game world – Combat choice and flexibility
  • Some odd control choices

Gothic is a classic role playing game that was released back in 2001. The success of the game spawned the Gothic series which has proven to be a solid collection of RPGs.


The setting in Gothic is similar to that of Skyrim with a medieval game world filled with humans and various other races. The first game follows the war between humans and Orcs with the humans slowly losing ground. It is at this point in the war that the king decides to rely on the magical power of rare mineral and decides to send the convict population to mine this mineral from the ground.

In order to cut off the prisoners and the mining operation for safety the king uses his powerful magicians to create a protective dome over the colony which eventually expands out of control and encompasses a larger area than intended. This disaster leads to the convicts gaining control of the area and splitting up into several groups with their own agenda.

As the player you are caught in the middle of this struggle as you play one of the prisoners in the mining colony. After aligning with one of the prison camps you’ll follow a plot full of twists, turns and mystery. With your choice of camp greatly changing your early game experience there is some replay value to be had but eventually all the story paths blend together.


In terms of gameplay Gothic has everything you’d expect in a role playing game and is played with a third person perspective. Players are able to approach combat with a variety of melee weapons, ranged weapons or rely on magic with comes with 6 different magic types to master. Gothic isn’t short on activities outside of combat though with players able to forge weapons, play musical instruments, cook their own food and even urinate in the game world (now how many games let you do that?)

The original Gothic set some impressive foundations for a great role playing series. The game definitely hasn’t aged well though so unless you’re a die hard fan of role playing games it’s probably best to skip ahead a few games.


  • The very first game in the Gothic series.
  • A third person perspective role playing game.
  • Interact with the game world and its inhabitants on multiple levels (like urinating!)
  • Great number of combat and skill options offers plenty of choice.
  • Only available on Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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