Grand Fantasia

  • Sprite (pet) system – Colourful graphics bring the game to life – Customisation
  • Lots of generic elements

Grand Fantasia offers a colourful 3D fantasy based MMO that lets you explore an impressive game world while completing quests, slaying monsters and making friends with the fairly large user base. grand-fantasia-gameplay1 Jumping into the world of Grand Fantasia players will be given plenty of opportunity to customise their visual appearance. This variety is leagues ahead of most other games in the MMO space and ensures that you’ll always feel unique as you run into other players during your adventure.

Players will be thrown right into the starter area and have to complete a series of simple quests to learn the mechanics of the game and eventually gain access to the full world of Grand Fantasia. If you’ve played any MMORPG before you’ll quickly learn the ropes as you slay enemies, collect loot and complete your first quests.

In traditional MMO style after your first few levels as a generic beginner class players will be able to select the path that they want to take. The generic options are all there in Grand Fantasia with a fighter, hunter, cleric and spellcaster class all available. Each of these classes eventually branches out into two other options that further let you define your gameplay. grand-fantasia-gameplay2 As you advance the games depth really starts to present itself as players gain the use of their Sprite. This Sprite serves as the pet system in Grand Fantasia and will accompany you on your journey and provide a variety of helpful bonuses while adding another layer of customisation to the entire experience.

You’ll get to choose between a wide range of Sprites that will happily talk to you during your adventure and also help you in collecting items for crafting. Grand Fantasia is one of those solid MMO experiences that offers a good number of mechanics, strong gameplay and is just generally well designed. The Sprite pet system in particular helps put it above other options by adding something unique.


  • A fantasy based 3D MMO with anime inspired graphics.
  • 4 generic classes to choose from with branching paths.
  • Plenty of mounts that can fly or travel on land quickly.
  • Lots of character customisation available.
  • Sprite system adds another element to gameplay.



Review Platform: PC

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