Grim Dawn

  • Dark tones – Depth of mechanics – Great loot balance
  • Some elements have unneeded complexity

Grim Dawn is a dark themed action RPG akin to the likes of Diablo and Titan Quest. With strong fundamentals and a few tricks under the hood this title brings the popular genre into 2016.


Set in the dark and war-torn world of Carin players find themselves exploring an empire in ruin, a mere shadow of it’s past. This breakdown has occurred due to the relentless war between Chthonians and Aetherials who battle each other with humans stuck in between. One side wants to use human bodies as a vital resource while the other seeks to destroy the human race before this happens.

Your character for this adventure belongs to one of six potential classes (known as masteries) which is then paired with a secondary class once you reach level 10. This mix and match aspect makes for some very unique character styles and ensures more variety for those who wish to play Grim Dawn more than once.

Each mastery tree comes with their own variety of skills to level up (3 points per level) and can be combined with your own blend of Cunning, Spirit and Physique, the three attributes of the game. This all combines with a massive devotion system which provides passive benefits for players that seek out and restore shrines across the game world.


Everything else that fans of action RPG titles is also in the game and every element is superbly implemented. From the randomised loot drops to crafting, varied monster design, bosses, multiplayer, skill resets, secrets and plenty of advance mechanics for min-max players to explore.

While the wait for Grim Dawn has been a long one, patience has been rewarded with an amazing title.


  • Dark and gritty action RPG.
  • Customise with dual classing, skills, passives and attributes.
  • Randomised loot with emphasis on chest and boss drops.
  • Play with your friends for a strong multiplayer experience.
  • Mechanical depth ensures min-max players are well looked after (hardcore included).



Review Platform: PC

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  1. sadly it runs terribly on windows 10, had to refund it.

    • i run it on win 10 and it works fine

    • Lies. Works perfectly on Windows 10


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