• Plenty of secrets and progression – Unique theme and design
  • Few too many jumping based puzzles – Not suited to keyboard

Guacamelee! offers platforming and action in a Mexican themed game world for a large list of paltforms. Originally released in early 2013 the game has two versions available; Guacamelee! Gold Edition and an enhanced Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition with availability depending on your platform.


Set in a small village in the heart of Mexico the game follows Juan Aguacate a humble fighter who falls in love with El Presidente’s daughter. Right off the bat though she is kidnapped by a skeleton named Carlos Calaca who during the attempt also kills Juan. Thanks to a mysterious luchador named Tostada though players will have the opportunity to avenge their death, save the love of their life and prevent Carlos from completing a ritual which will give him domain over the worlds of life and death.

Gameplay in Guacamelee! is comparable to other platform titles with players taking control of Juan as he journeys across a wide selection of environments, obstacles and enemies. Fighting is central to the game and focuses on wrestling themed combat utilising a mixture of basic attacks that can be combined with more complex and deadly grapple moves.

Every enemy disposed is extra coins for your pocket which can then be reinvested in your character to improve your available moves, health or stamina bars. Juan is a deadly fighter with powerful uppercuts and headbutts but also very mobile with double jumps and the ability to wall jump. The progression curve of unlocking these abilities is quite smooth, ensuring that satisfying feeling of progress is always around the next corner.


One such progression is Juan gaining the ability to move between the worlds of the dead and living which also serves as a puzzle and combat mechanic. In combat it can be used to hurt enemies that can only receive damage in a particular world while in regards to puzzles can allow you to pass through barriers which includes returning to previously explored areas to reach new treasures.

For players that would rather experience this uniquely Mexican adventure with a friend a co-operative mode is available after the first level which allows player two to control Tostada (not available on PS Vita).


  • Enjoy a Mexican platform adventure.
  • Use powerful wrestling moves to combat enemies.
  • Upgrade Juan with new techniques and improved health pool.
  • Get the help of a friend in the co-operative game mode.
  • Available on a massive collection of platforms (two game versions, availability varies with platform).



Review Platform: PC

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