Gummy Drop

  • Ties the typical match three gameplay with a city restoration setting to give you a greater sense of progression
  • Game pushes the boundary of humanly possible difficultly in the later cities with non paying players expected to grind for favourable RNG

Gummy Drop Is a match three puzzle game with a twist, not only will you have to make your way through hundreds of gummy themed levels but players will also need to rebuild society by collecting the necessary building materials to do. In turn this restoration provides an extra element of motivational to the typical endless puzzle matching of other iOS and Android games and does so with a superbly colourful (and gummy) design style.


Like the many other titles in the genre Gummy Drop focuses on matching 3 or more groups of gummies together while you travel across the globe to help the world rebuild, achieve goals and even interact with other players for added competition. A constant mechanic across these game levels is your objective to collect a certain number of gummy pieces with a limited number of available moves which once achieved will ensure both level completion and that area around the level being restored.

These restorations are set across the globe with locations such as New York, Paris and Tokyo which includes the appropriate real world landmarks to repair with your gummy themed building pieces. Some of these larger structures even encourage players to revisit past levels to collect the specific necessary building materials which gives Gummy Drop a sense of a connected world rather than individual stand alone levels.


This is further enhanced by some levels unlocking workers and factories that can provide a steady stream of building material production and while it can help save some time it won’t replace the need to actively complete levels. In total there are over a dozen cities for players to land on that in aggregate offer over 10,000 game levels making Gummy Drop one of the most expansive in the genre.

While an impressive number of the surface many of these require extremely perfect gameplay and often luck to overcome which does hinder progress for those not willing to grind it out or open their wallet for one of the 15 available boosts that dramatically increase your odds. While an impressive amount of variety in boosts these are typical for the genre with a shovel to remove particular blocks, a shuffle to shake up the entire game board or lightning to clear a line of gummy. Said boosts are also available from time to time at random through regular gameplay mechanics along with collectible photo stamps for your game passport after a city is fully rebuilt.


For the match three puzzle fanatic that prefers to stick to a single game over the long haul and wants some form of progression outside the levels themselves Gummy Drop provides a wonderfully colourful solution.


  • Explore the gummy world and rebuild it city by city through 10,000 game levels.
  • Utilise the 15 variations of game boosts to conquer all the game levels.
  • Complete your passport with unique colourful photo stamps of each location.
  • Take on side quests and daily events for boosts to your overall progress.
  • Colourful graphics and sounds to bring your match 3 experience to life.



Review Platform: PC

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  1. I have been playing this game for almost a month now and I love it! I have to make myself walk away sometimes. I wish there were more games like this one!

  2. I AGREE, Gummy Drop was my first introduction to these games and I am HOOKED. I looked for other games like it and haven’t found any that come close to being has good. I’ve downloaded about 4-6 other games and deleted them all. Good Job Big Fish Games.

  3. I love this game very much i am also hooked great job big fish games thanx for making such a beautyfull game

  4. waste of time …same thing over and over

  5. Hate this game. Requires an up grade to the next version and not enough space on my device, so game is locked up an must be uninstalled. Can’t get to any other cities.

  6. You must spend money to advance if not you’ll have to play the same game over and over etc.

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