• Customisation of avatar and your own personal rooms is one of the best in the genre with a wealth of options
  • Large community established over decades of time online ensures no shortage of new friends
  • Continually pushed the game towards microtransactions to acquire items over the years
  • Mobile versions have never quite captured the same experience and be given the appropriate attention

Explore the Habbo Hotel and meet other players in Habbo which offers a visual social networking experience within your browser or mobile phone. Online since 2000 Habbo has accumulated millions of dedicated and social players over the decades alongside regular events and content expansions to keep the world of Habbo fresh. Create your own unique avatar and enter the Habbo Hotel to meet new people, play games, dress up and potentially make lifelong friends.


Since its 2000 initial launch Habbo had focused on providing a high quality varied social experience with chat, rooms, furniture, games and plenty of other community orientated features to help engage the community members together. After you setup your free account on Habbo players can customise their own avatar with an almost overwhelming number of options that ensure you feel like yourself or your ideal avatar personality in the world of Habbo. Over time as you participate in the activities of Habbo Hotel you’ll increase your array of visual choices as you walk around the Habbo Hotel where you’ll spend the vast majority of your game time.

This Habbo Hotel is separated into various rooms which are public meeting places for users to hang out, chat, socialise and play games. Habbo rooms all have their own unique identity and include restaurants, dance clubs and other popular social locations which means everyone is likely to have their favourite meetup place. While the original implementation of Habbo had hundreds of these developer created rooms the game has slowly shifted its focus towards user created rooms which have grown in part due to the rare pieces of furniture that players acquire and seek to show off.


These user created rooms (or guest rooms) are highly customisable with furniture (known as Furni), floor patterns, room layout and wallpaper that let you put your own stamp on the Habbo Hotel and invite others to hang out within your inner sanctum. Furni collecting is a particularly popular past time for many with normal and rare items acquires through Habbo credit purchases, events, winning games or acquired through the trading system. With the length of time Habbo has been online Furni in itself has expanded to thousands of wall and floor items of varying designs and colours.

Room owners can open up access to these guest rooms completely or keep it private to invite only players on their friend list. To help attract players to public guest rooms it is common to see room owners hosting their own games that provide rewards to those members that participate to the party.


Despite the highly competitive genre of social websites Habbo still stands strong in comparison both in terms of player base and feature list that ensures it provides ample opportunity for both new and returning players.


  • Large hotel to explore with players and games.
  • Huge avatar customisation and pet options give you the opportunity to be your unique self.
  • Becoming a Furni collector as you increase your Habbo wealth and create your own guest rooms to display your collection.
  • Earn badges and achievements as you play to give you a sense of Habbo progression.
  • Play within your browser or mobile (iOS and Android) devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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  1. how old do you need to be to play????????????????????

  2. Yes, is it aimed toward tweens, teens, or both?

  3. Ummmm, I believe it is more aimed for teens, but depending how responsible you are on these games, you could play as a tween (I’m a teen). However, Habbo Hotel has a reputation for hackers and undesirables, so I don’t really recommend it…

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