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  • Dual wielding – Play as an Elite – Great co-operative experience
  • Doesn't stand up against newer shooters

Halo 2 continues the Halo franchise and offers a similar experience to the original Halo with players again saving the human race through the super soldier, Master Chief. Just like the original it launched on the Xbox with a Windows release several years later.


The game is set soon after the events of the first game with many story elements carrying over from the original. Halo 2 opens up with the player being commended for his actions in the original and features an attack on Earth itself by your old enemy, the Covenant. From here players discover the location of a second Halo ring which then becomes a high priority target for the player.

This time around players can tackle the Halo campaign co-operatively with a friend and even take control of the Covenant Elite known as the Arbiter for some of the game levels. For the most part the Arbiter doesn’t differ much in combat from Master Chief but does have the ability to actively camouflage. Difficulty options are also a plenty for hardcore gamers with four levels of difficulty available including the truly unforgiving Legendary setting.

In terms of gameplay players will have a similar experience to the first game with players having a rechargeable shield and similar weapon options. Players can now choose to dual wield weapons though which does open up some more strategic decisions about your weapon choice.


Vehicles also make a return in a big way in Halo 2 with plenty of opportunities to jump into a vehicle in both the single player and multiplayer environments.

Halo 2 is a must grab if you’ve been following the series, with enough new content within the game to keep it from being the same experience as the first time around.


  • The much anticipated second game in the Halo series.
  • Play as Master Chief and a Covenant Elite.
  • New options to dual wield weapons for greater choice.
  • Team up with a friend and tackle the game co-operatively.
  • Plenty of vehicle opportunities just like the original.



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