Hamster Life

  • 40+ hamsters available with unique styles and designs to occupy your playpen
  • Good range of possibilities to earn premium game currency for free
  • Additional match 3 element has sloppy design and a missed opportunity
  • Bad translations can make it difficult to determine exact mechanics without trial and error

If you adore hamsters then the mobile title Hamster Life lets you live out your dream of collecting them all. It’s an animal collecting title (with associated playpen customisation) that opts for hamsters over the more common horse, cat and dog mobile titles out there. When it all comes together this free Hamster Life game challenges players to not only raise, feed and breed but also unlock all the available cute hamsters in the process.


To start players will name their house and pick their first hamster, while there is only 1 available to start the game players will eventually be able to unlock all 40+ hamsters which have their own unique styles. Breeding is also a key mechanic that lets players match their favourite hamsters together to create a new baby to rapidly grow their collection and achieve the end game.

With your selected hamster in your beginning playpen players can touch them to boost their happiness and your own player level in the process. This mechanic which is activated by tapping your advice is one of the main ways to level up (although it is limited by stamina) and a primary driver in the leader board rankings within Hamster Life that provides an ongoing challenge of comparison to other players.


In addition to the playpen area players can also take their hamster for a walk or visit the playground which lets you interact further with your animal friend and somewhat replicates the real life elements of having a pet. Walking your hamster involves a simple match three puzzle game with has 100s of stages along with various events in between to also build on the core gameplay. While this gameplay can be a little slow and the game tiles a little too small to move effectively on the smaller mobile devices it is a very effective way to earn gold coins, cheese and additional hamsters once certain stages are complete.

These gold coins are the main game currency in Hamster Life and can be subsequently spent on new food items or collectibles. Once a collectible collection is completed players can get a new hamster for their playpen with this cycle repeating dozens of times as you aim to fill your collection. While cheese is the premium currency which lets you purchase costumes for hamsters and boost the number of hamsters you can have at any one time. This cheese currency is thus by no means required for progress with a cosmetic spin on it instead.


Overall Hamster Life is a fun little collecting game although the poor translations do make it difficult to understand what to do without some trial and error on your mobile device.


  • Collect the 40+ hamsters and play with them in your own customised playpen.
  • Play an additional match three puzzle game to earn gold coins and advance your collection.
  • Breed hamsters together for new variants as you fill your playpen with new furry friends.
  • Dress up your pets with various fashion items with the premium cheese currency and take photos to share with others.
  • Free to play title on iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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