Happy Chef 2

  • 5 different cities – Mini games – Simple upgrade system
  • Hitboxes for some ingredients and customers aren't perfect

Cook delicious and varied meals across the world in Happy Chef 2, a game about being an expert chef. Offering normal and a relaxed mode Happy Chef 2 caters to master chefs that want a challenge or those that just want a relaxing time management game. The game is free to play on iOS and Android (although the full game requires a purchase), alternatively the game can be bought out right for Windows/Mac.


After naming your character, choosing an avatar an picking your preferred mode you’ll get right into the office of your boss who informs you that you’ll need to step up to the manager role in the local pizza and pasta restaurant. From here you’ll visit the tropics of Hawaii, the US main land, China and France so the variety of dishes is extremely high.

Gameplay is fast paced in Happy Chef 2 and completed through a number of clicks (or taps on mobile) and drag actions. On the left of the screen you’ve got the drinks which generally (depending on the drink) can simply be passed to the customer. On the other hand, food takes up the centre and right of the screen with everything needed to be cooked and plated before being passed to a customer.


Customers will then leave some coins behind for the player to pick up along with a tip based on speed. Items can also be overcooked resulting in loss of that item and a small amount of money. These funds can then be invested into objects for the restaurant to increase the amount of time customers will wait or on upgrading individual dishes to increase their price.

This formula contains for over 70 levels with players also unlocking a few mini games along the way. With each level you’ll have to serve more customers and integrate new ingredients into your meals to ensure the upgrades you can buy quickly compounds, provided you master the levels.


  • Master 5 cities with over 70 levels.
  • Upgrade the restaurant and food items.
  • Play 5 mini games to mix up gameplay.
  • Meet customer needs quickly for extra game coins.
  • Available on many platforms.



Review Platform: iOS

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