Hard Reset

  • Explosive action – Dark cyberpunk theme
  • Not enough enemy variety – Mediocre story at best

Hard Reset offers up a cyberpunk FPS experience with mechanics akin to the classic shooters like Quake. Originally released for Windows but released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles within a redux edition all gamers can get their hands on this straightforward shooter.


Set in a crumbling world where humanity is approaching extinction against a machine army players pick up the weapon of Major Fletcher a CLN soldier who protects the last city of humanity, Bezoar. With machines constantly assaulting the walls of this closed off city to lay claim to The Sanctuary network which stores billions of human minds.

Just like the games that inspired it Hard Reset is a simple shooter with single pathways that are filled with explosive barrels and stashes of health and ammunition. In addition to barrels players can use the various vending machines that are armed with anti-vandalism defences to trigger electrical splash damage against the machines. A number of hidden caches are also scattered around each level.

Opting for a more realistic approach to weapons Hard Reset gives players only two weapons, the CLN Modular Assault Rifle and the EEF-21 Plasma Rifle. While on the surface two weapons might feel limiting players will unlock a total of five firing modes for each gun which improves your arsenal to things such as grenades, mines, mortars and a railgun modification.


With two guns ammunition is similarly simplified between bullets and plasma which are scattered across the environment. Other HUD elements include your health (maximum 100) which does not regenerate and a regenerative armour.

While short the intensity level of Hard Reset quickly dials up and maintains it from start to finish.


  • Cyberpunk themed classic shooter.
  • Use two weapons that each come with 5 modifications.
  • Uncover hidden caches within each level.
  • Explosive barrels and electrifying vending machines help you clear waves with ease.
  • For Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



Review Platform: PC

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