Heavy Rain

  • A revolutionary experience – Amazing storytelling
  • Gameplay won't appeal to everyone

Heavy Rain takes you through an interactive drama on your PlayStation 3. Based on film noir thrillers the game is full of mystery with a serial killer at the heart of the plot.


The game lets you experience four main characters as you advance through the various game chapters. Each of them has a very deep background story and are modelled after the voice actors behind them to create very believable characters.

In addition to the characters that the player controls you’ll find some well-designed non player characters to interact with and one of the best antagonists ever in a video game, the Origami Killer.

Heavy Rain is primarily an adventure game with players directing the character around the game world to interact with the environment (be it objects or NPCs). By walking up to objects players will be guided as to the necessary buttons or actions are required to achieve a desired result. From time to time players will also be engaged in quick time events.

One of the more unique options available to players while in control of a character is to listen to an internal monologue of their current thoughts which is always entertaining and is a great way to expand on the immersion.


In order to give your decisions more weight you’ll find that your early decisions change the story in later scenes which does give the game some good replay potential for players that want to see different decision trees play out. This does mean that Heavy Rain lacks any sort of game over screen with all your decisions leading to an eventual story end in one way or another (even if it’s not necessarily the result that you wanted).

If you want a video game adventure that borderlines an interactive film then the experience in Heavy Rain is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.


  • A very immersive experience.
  • Simple gameplay lets everyone enjoy the experience.
  • Well-developed plot and characters.
  • Internal monologue feature adds a lot to the game.
  • PlayStation 3 & 4 exclusive.



Review Platform: PS3

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