• Quality sci-fi setting with three diverse alien enemy types to battle
  • Lots of loadout options that provide plenty of depth and variety to the core gameplay loop
  • Some core design decisions can make it difficult for newer players to progress their accounts as it relies on specific encounters that don't occur regularly

Top down shooting and high quality sci-fi setting is what Helldivers delivers across Windows and PlayStation consoles. Take to the galaxy alone or (preferably) in a team of 4 players in co-operative missions to seize enemy controlled planets and other objectives with your own unique character that contributes something special to your broader team composition.


This galaxy is highly dystopian where managed democracy (de facto authoritarian government) rules the human race with a strong grasp on the citizens on Earth which is now referred to as Super Earth. Besieged on all sides by the Cyborgs, Bugs and Illuminates the government commands soldiers forward to claim territory and subdue them with whatever means necessary while retrieving technology to preserve the current way of life. While on the surface it is a noble mission there is an aura of uncertainty behind each of the missions that you’ll be sent on although this is beyond the story depth you’ll experience as a Helldivers soldier.

What this means for gameplay is players facing off against one of the above mentioned enemy types by flying from planet to planet across the known galaxy. Each level that you’ll face on these planets is procedurally generated, requiring players to complete a single objective or multiple within each planet landing. In particular Helldivers encourages players to devise their own strategy for each level with options on where to land and loadouts providing plenty of depth and in turn replay potential.


These loadouts are centred mainly around weapons and stratagems, both of which bring plenty of depth. In the weapons department you can select a primary weapon along with a sidearm from the usual range of classes you would expect in a shooter (explosive, assault rifle, shotguns, laser, machine guns, etc.). Each of these options has their own varying range, magazine, power and fire rate along with special elements to consider at both an individual and team level.

Stratagems on the other hand are the equipment and abilities of Helldivers that you call down from your ship. These range from resupplies and turrets to powerful airstrikes that can turn the tide of battle and upgraded beyond their first rank for additional power. Stratagems are activated via a sequence of arrow codes and have activation times which adds a tactical element to their usage.


Other mechanics to consider in Helldiver include always on friendly fire, helping team mates up and the ability for random players to drop in and aid players at any moment if games aren’t set as private which encourages players to co-operate together for the task at hand.


  • A twin stick shooter across the galaxy with different randomised planet objectives to secure for the human race.
  • Customise your weapons and stratagems to find the ideal mixture of combat playstyle.
  • Team up as a group of 4 players for maximum effectiveness as you cover the weaknesses of other.
  • 3 unique factions to push back with their own enemy designs and tactics.
  • Available on Windows and across PlayStation consoles.



Review Platform: PC

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