Hello Venice

  • Simple to grasp – Large game boards
  • Some items clash heavily with each other

Hello Venice follows your adventure to help Adda and Ciro restore the garden of Sacrobosco Grimani to its former glory. In order to so you’ll have to match gems on large game boards for game currency which can be spent on special garden items.


Picking up the garden some time after the death of Sacrobosco Grimani who was known for his beautiful garden you’ll venture into challenging levels as his grandchildren for gold and stones to purchase core items and upgrade them with higher quality items over time.

These levels use a match three variant where you’ll connect 3 or more gems of the same colour with a connected line. Matches are then cleared from the game board and also remove any obstacles next to them which opens up more space on the large areas.

Each large area has players making their way from a starting point to an end point in order to complete the level which makes Hello Venice a little more strategic and enjoyable as you focus your matches in order to get from point A to B. As the levels get larger and have more obstacles players can call on trusty power ups to remove large blocks of gems in a single click.


Hello Venice ties this mechanic in closely with the garden theme by representing this movement with flowing water which will bring flowers to life as it passes them which also gives you extra money to take back to the real garden. This is also quickly expanded to various machines and treasures that can give players a further if they can get the water to reach them.

All up you’ll have over 70 levels in Hello Venice and the matching never really gets old thanks to this superb game design. If you ever want a break from the gem matching you can earn some side cash by taking part in a simple garden management mini game that adds a little variety.


  • Restore a run down garden.
  • Large match three game boards to conquer.
  • Take a break with the garden management mini game.
  • Over 70 levels and plenty of items to buy.
  • Download now for Windows.



Review Platform: PC

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