Heroes Charge

  • Great hero roster with plenty of upgrades to ensure you always have a next goal in mind
  • Pacing of campaign and building unlocks ensures players aren't overwhelmed with mechanics
  • Automatic combat design limits your strategic choices
  • Early and paying players absolutely dominate PvP with little opportunity to counter

Claiming the title of one of the most popular in the mobile RPG genre is Heroes Charge an iOS and Android game that has accumulated tens of millions of installs to create one of the largest communities in this game niche. Designed as a strategic RPG hero collecting game Heroes Charge features similar mechanics as you build a team of your favourite fighters to complete increasingly challenging game stages or dive into the PvP arena to prove your power against other players.


The setting for Heroes Charge is the world of Kron that offers a familiar fantasy trope design with an unknown evil to be conquered across dungeons, forests and town settings. Within this world you’ll also be creating your own base of operations which allows you to construct various buildings to unlock additional game mechanics. These unlocks provide a steady pacing to the elements of Heroes Charge with PvE, PvP and hero improvement focused buildings just a sample of those available at specific account levels.

Central to all of this is your heroes which feature a healthy dose of fantasy with the likes of pirates, faeries, mages and powerful warriors your role in Heroes Charge is to build up a team of your favourite heroes to tackle a series of stages from the hundreds of diverse options. Each bringing something different to your team players will find durable bruisers, ranged archers and deadly mages to place in their army. Spread into nearly two dozen chapters that each has half a dozen or so levels you’ll be able to fight them in normal, elite or raid difficulties that alter the enemy strength, your reward and stamina requirements.


Your first such campaign level (A Rash of Unrest) for example has you taking on a group of raiders that includes a basic lifestealing enemy, a necromancer and a war chief which has the potential to provide your first item drops like the Fist of Tyre that will boost strength of an equipment piece. Battles in each stage take place on a 2D environment with your forces lining up on the left side of the screen and advancing against enemy waves that come from the right. In order to survive this assault you’ll need ample hero power and variety to ensure you are well equipped to deal with the enemy types across equipment and skills.

Successful stage completion takes you one small step closer to your ultimate team with the likes of new equipment, experience and game currency. By pumping your favourite characters with the aforementioned gains they’ll go from simple fighters to ultimate and reliable warriors in your roster as you push for higher campaign content. While this growing power level is pivotal to your success chance your choice of heroes still plays an important role. This is because each hero has physical attacks, magical attacks, skills and recovery that all occur automatically (alongside special skill activation by the player) and may create a better combination for the stage at hand.


In time players will move towards the advanced buildings that unlock several PvP challenges, regular quests and events that provide players additional goals to aim for in Heroes Charge.


  • Highly popular mobile RPG with millions of downloads across iOS and Android players.
  • Build a team of your favourite fantasy heroes with many unique designs and skillsets.
  • Collect equipment, experience and currency for hero upgrades to push your fighters to new levels of power.
  • Large community ensures plenty of PvP opportunities alongside regular event challenges.
  • Free to play mobile hero RPG.



Review Platform: iOS

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