Heroes Evolved

  • Large collection of heroes with their own abilities, skins and playstyles
  • All the core elements of a larger scale MOBA on a mobile setting
  • Some elements are blatantly copied from competitor MOBAs or other media
  • Balance issues as a result of potential pay to win elements inside the match

Borrowing heavily from League of Legends is Heroes Evolved a mobile (iOS and Android) based MOBA title that focuses on offering a simple core experience. Launching in September 2016 with over 50 heroes those seeking a light weight alternative to the popular MOBA titles that they can play on the go. Like the countless MOBA options before it Heroes Evolved is focused solely on the epic battles between two opposing forces with your main focus to destroy the enemy base while achieving various side objectives to help you push into the enemy base.


Heroes Evolved lets players battle it out on The Altar of Strife which players will recognise instantly as the 5v5 MOBA variant. Complete with neutral jungle monsters, 3 lanes and the river running through the centre of the map it’s an expansive battleground with many twists and turns for players to path through on their way to victory. Mechanically Heroes Evolved is comparable to all the other MOBAs on the scene with your objective to destroy the enemy teams base (called the Aegis), the ability to spawn super minions by destroying the barracks and a rotation of free champions each week for players to find their favourite.

An alternative basic map known as the Valley of War is also available and utilises the familiar ARAM (all random all mid) rule set with a single lane and 5 random heroes on each side battling to push each other back to their base. Don’t be fooled into thinking Heroes Evolved is simply an extremely slimmed down version of the bigger MOBA games though with an impressive hero roster of over 100 options that broadly fall into strength, agility or intelligence based heroes that specialise in melee, ranged, nuker, durable, disabler, ganker, carry and pusher roles.


Examples include the strength based Wolfram who specialises in ganking with abilities like hungry charge to dash at enemies, maul to slow down enemies in front of them, lupine assault to tranform into a wolf and the passive bloodthirst that gives extra attack speed and damage. This in stark contrast to the likes of Fusilia who is an agility ranged pusher and carry that wields a massive artillery cannon to fire various missiles against enemies. Each released hero also comes with several skins that completely alter their visual appearance to your tastes.

Stat and item wise Heroes Evolved simplifies most things with a smaller pool of items that are focused around the three key stats of agility, strength, and intelligence. Agility is used to boost armour and attack, strength for health and HP regeneration and intelligence for magic damage and MP regeneration. Other stats on items include things like armour, life steal, spell steal, magic resistance and movement speed while providing various unique passive or active options.


The magic sucker item for example provides 20% magical life steal while the accursed eye allows players to activate an ability to be immune to crowd control effects for a short duration. Acquiring all of these requires to build from the cheap basic items and hunt enemy minions, jungle creatures, heroes or objectives to spend the gold back at your home base.


  • Over 100 different heroes to play and unlock with four active or passive abilities.
  • All the core mechanics of the MOBA genre with a familiar map design and hero roles.
  • Diverse number of items to customise your hero strengths based on the needs of your team composition.
  • A light weight MOBA variant designed for iOS and Android gameplay.
  • Two different game types for added variety with standard 3 lane 5v5 and 1 lane 5v5 ARAM ruleset.



Review Platform: iOS

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