Heroes of Steel RPG

  • Combat focused with challenging battles that ensure each decision remains impactful
  • Not a huge amount of variety between class choices that limits gameplay variety on a second playthrough

Choose your party of four adventurers and use them to reclaim humanity in Heroes of Steel RPG, a game available on multiple platforms (including mobile) that focuses on the combat elements of tactical role playing games. If you crave the combat of the genre and want a title that offers a depth of challenge across four story arc chapters Heroes of Steel RPG is your ideal adventure to tackle.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world full of medieval fantasy players join the ravished world as they seek to protect and rebuild the final remnants of society that has had to venture beneath the surface to scratch out a living. Born during this time period that is dominated by warring gods and other dark powers players have a grim future ahead of their adventure which is set approximately 70 years after the apocalyptic event that sent society underground. Central to this downfall was the uprising of four of the worlds thirteen gods who combined their power to overall the All-Father creator and thus plunged the world into darkness, ruin, war and flame.

Now with the unique opportunity to solve the mystery to redemption with this evil finally reaching the doors of the human underground labyrinth your party mission is one of hopeful redemption. Told across four major plot points each episode provides players new enemies, towns, dungeons and equipment to ensure that each feels uniquely diverse. While this story provides key context to your adventure a significant portion of your time will be spent fighting threats that make Heroes of Steel RPG ideal for those that prefer combat over story exploration.


To start your adventure players will create their party of four heroes which feature familiar hero archetypes that stay close to those archetypes as they progress. Each party slot is reserved for a particular character archetype with only two choices for each of these slots available so while your overall combinations may seem small the game difficulty and mechanics are based around these 4 broad game roles. As a result these slots force players to have a team made up of a fighter, mage, healer and rogue which each have their own utility, skills, growth and equipment restrictions. Familiar character names like the Dueler, Outlander, Sorcerer, Cleric, Paladin and Rogue each act and progress as a fan of RPG content would expect.

While this does feel restrictive at the start the Heroes of Steel RPG developers have been able to finely tune the experience around this setup which does make the entire adventure both balanced and challenging to your team as players will have the same tools available to them for the most part. Part of this challenge comes from the fact that even a single fallen ally will result in a game over screen, although the game does take you back to the start of the fight so death isn’t all bad and may prove to be a valuable learning experience.


These death screens generally result when players aren’t tactically aware of their party positioning or focus their attacks on key targets that quickly chip away at your party health. While your initial fights will be rough you’ll soon find that the combat is balanced between enjoyable, strategic and challenging which keeps it engaging across the full game story as you agonise over your next combat move.


  • A simple core tactical RPG with ample depth that is perfectly suited to compute rand mobile platforms.
  • Create a team of four adventurers with unique skills from 8 potential heroes that broadly fill the roles of fighter, mage, tank and damage.
  • Explore dark caverns for loot and story progression across four distinct game chapters.
  • Combines post-apocalyptic, medieval and fantasy settings into a single lengthy adventure.
  • Play on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.



Review Platform: PC

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