High School Simulator GirlA

  • Large school to explore with a blended mixture of school areas and open grounds
  • Solid control scheme that feels familiar and is easy to utilise for exploration and carnage
  • Graphical bugs show a low level of overall game polish
  • Lack of simple guidance, direction or goals leaves players without a clear focus or challenge

Explore the wide reaching school grounds and classrooms of High School Simulator GirlA in a mobile sandbox title that lets you control a high school student on both iOS devices. Spawning in your primary classroom High School Simulator GirlA has one of the most expansive worlds to explore when compared to similar titles in this niche genre.


With the sandbox focus players are free to do anything although the primary intended objective revolves around players killing other students without being caught across several school days. As a sandbox game the methods, order and number that players opt for are completely in your control and while the opportunities to cause chaos aren’t at the intricate level of something like the Hitman franchise you’ll still find a decent array of weapons and traps to utilise should you choose to do so.

The control scheme of High School Simulator GirlA is easy to follow and arguably one of the more intuitive when compared to similar games on mobile devices resulting in an experience that is never difficult to navigate your character around. Controls are responsive and fluid with a D-Pad activated anywhere on the left hand side of your screen for movement and camera control (right side of the screen) that feels familiar and is well executed. For interacting with the game world you’ll find 4 buttons fixed on the bottom right to control things like jump, pick up, attack and callout which can be used to gain the attention of a classmate victim.


Other settings include an array of dress options that can be changed at a moments notice and some simple cheats to make life easier such as fast forward (speed boost) and infinite jumps for those that don’t want to be restricted throughout their sandbox and/or murder spree activities.

The school in High School Simulator GirlA for your gameplay experience is multi-story and filled with classrooms that can quickly fill up with students depending on the time of day which are paired with large open areas surrounding the main building. Weapons are scattered throughout the grounds and classrooms or can be access through the settings menu directly for those that want to equip their favourite. From here players can begin stalking victims around the school with the key objective to not be caught by other students during the act.


While a strange concept High School Simulator GirlA belongs to a niche of high school simulator games born from the success of Yandere Simulator where there is a bit more context and storyline to the seemingly gruesome objective. High School Simulator GirlA definitely doesn’t come close to offering the same experience and polish as the popular Yandere Simulator but it does create a reasonable sandbox experience.

If you understand this going into it though and are solely after a sandbox game you can mess around with while turning a blind eye at the graphical and other game inconsistencies you’ll enjoy a few strategic murderous rampages on iOS.


  • A sandbox school game for iOS.
  • Adventure around the school for potential victims and try not to get caught.
  • Use a variety of weapons and clothing sets to customise your adventure.
  • Activate simple cheats like extra speed and jump to aid exploration of the vast game world.
  • Simple control scheme that is fluid, responsive and familiar to other mobile titles.



Review Platform: iOS

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