Hitman: Blood Money

  • New features to the Hitman series provide more choices for your contracts than ever before
  • Great pacing to story and level design that ensures increasing challenge designs
  • Some awkward controls that require several buttons to perform basic activities
  • Players are forced to avoid some of the strongest weapons due to the loss of income earned on a successful hit

Hitman: Blood Money is the fourth game in the popular series of Hitman stealth video games and lets you jump into the shoes of Agent 47 once again as they tackle a broad range of assassination challenges. Released in 2006 for Windows, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 the game was later remastered in 2013 within the Hitman Trilogy collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 and once again in 2019 for PS4 and Xbox One.


Just like in previous iterations of the series players will accept a number of hits as Agent 47 that come from a number of different clients that require your expertise. These range from simple hits like your first assignment against an amusement park owner to high profile hits as you advance through the game that require a larger scale of setup. With narration from a FBI director and journalist it is clear to the player that each of your actions is part of a broader world event.

Each hit intertwines with your own story and eventually has you trying to survive when a hit for your own life is put out along with hits on many other Agency employees from your rival organisation. With the International Contract Agency (ICA) under attack players will control the cloned assassin Agent 47 to not only deliver on hired contracts but also protect his fellow agents.


Gameplay of Hitman: Blood Money is heavily influenced by the specific hit orders that you receive which all require you to eliminate at least one individual although some missions do involve multiple targets. Your targets are often well protected though which means you’ll have to overcome guards, avoid witnesses and deal with various other obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goal. For many of these objectives use of the environment to create accidents is also encouraged with players scoping out the surroundings that might provide multiple paths to utilise that minimise violence and disturbances.

Not only does your choices in this regard have an impact on that specific level but players will find if they repeatedly take a direct approach your notoriety level will increase the difficulty of future levels. This ties in closely with the newspaper article at the completion of each level that summarises key assassination metrics like weapons used, security forces killed and innocents caught in the middle that slowly allow the media to generate a realistic sketch of Agent 47.


To assist with your overall goal each level players will have access to a satellite map that helps you make decisions by providing plenty of information on your targets position. At your disposal you’ll have tonnes of new moves to ensure that Agent 47 can move around the game world unnoticed. In particular this includes a larger array of unarmed take down options and extra abilities to help you dispose of the unconscious bodies that can quickly add up in each level if not careful or even use NPCs as shields. Alongside this your equipment and weapons can be upgraded to suit your preferred style of play and brings with it opportunity for players to experience some light role playing mechanics.


  • Part of the popular stealth based Hitman series that expands the franchise with new settings and challenges.
  • Countless hits that will test your assassination skills as you utilise your weapons and the environments.
  • Everything ties in with a greater storyline that has your fellow agents at the International Contract Agency at risk.
  • Notoriety system makes future levels more difficult based on the amount of violence the player uses.
  • Upgrade your preferred equipment and weapons to provide a sense of progression and mastery.



Review Platform: PC

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