Hitman GO

  • Unique style – Plenty of levels
  • Limited depth

Launching on mobile devices in 2014, Windows Store in 2015 and PlayStation consoles in 2016 Hitman GO captures the stealthy essence of the franchise and sticks it into a simple turn based experience.


In this portable Hitman experience players will control Agent 47, the main protagonist of the much loved stealth franchise. This control takes place on a large number of board game themed levels where you’ll need to escape a given scenario or take out a target. Movement of both Agent 47 and guards are limited to the grid based lines.

In each level players must avoid the guards to achieve their objective who will move one step for every step that players taken on the game board. For the most part players are encouraged to pursue stealth as an option by avoiding guards completely. This can be achieved by timing your movements to avoid their path or throwing collectable objects to drag their attention.


For those that would rather take out opponents players do have the option of disposing of enemies if they are able to sneak up behind them. This choice ties into the achievements of each level with some rewarding the take down of all enemies and some achievements orientated around killing nobody instead. Achievement stars can also be won by collecting special pickups, completing a level within a certain number of turns and more. These are then in turn used to unlock additional chapters.

As you would expect to see from a puzzle centric experience each level adds more complexity, enemies and mechanics to master. This reaches a point where you’ll have multiple guard AI to deal with (roaming and static) while also having multiple steps to levels rather than a single objective point.


  • A Hitman themed puzzle game.
  • Guide Agent 47 through many levels.
  • Unlock achievements for completing levels in certain ways.
  • Use turn based strategy to overcome enemies.
  • Play on a range of different devices.



Review Platform: PC

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