Hollywood U: Rising Stars

  • Strong offering in the story and character customisation departments let you feel like its your own story
  • Entourage system lets you build up your own group of fans and supporters along your journey like true stardom
  • Slower paced offering than similar titles particularly early on which can be a drag on your interest
  • Lack of ongoing content updates and upgrades means you'll eventually run out of fresh things to do

Hollywood U: Rising Stars takes place right after your acceptance to Hollywood University where fame, fortune and romance await your arrival as one of the hottest schools for future Hollywood stars. This free to play iOS and Android title captures the university experience while giving players a large range of customisation and story arcs to follow based around the city of fame and fortune.


Playing as either a guy or a girl Hollywood U: Rising Stars players can opt to be a movie star, director or trend setter as a fashionista based on your preferred influencer style that you’ll use to take over Hollywood. Once you’ve selected your gender and focus, you’ll get to pick from basic facial customisation to recreate yourself in the game or make yourself in the image of your favourite real life star instead. While your facial design stays with you there is opportunity as you advance through the game to change your clothing options and create your own fashion style.

Once settled on your character players will jump into the university life as they are greeted by a senior classmate who directs you to the appropriate dorm (based on which speciality you picked earlier) to ensure you’ll be living closely to those with similar tastes to your own. From here your initial goal is to build their entourage of friends to help you achieve fame status within the university grounds and eventually beyond. While Hollywood U: Rising Stars  features a number of virtual friends to connect with you can also bring your real life friends into the game through a Facebook connection which creates that sense of attending university with your friends.


In addition to building up your friendship group Hollywood U: Rising Stars gameplay involves players purchasing new outfits, auditioning for parts and working gigs for additional cash to repeat the cycle all over albeit with access to more prestigious events. Not only does this provide a consistent growth in your cash balance and thus access to better clothing or equipment but also fits in nicely to the overall growing stardom experience that Hollywood U: Rising Stars is aiming for.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars also mixes in a range of quests and various choice driven adventures to keep you engaged while you and your corresponding entourage level up in the world of Hollywood fame. While these choices have little real impact on your progression or the core story they help provide some sense of ownership along the way. With these story driven elements providing additional depth this title is one with good longevity despite the simplistic core gameplay that the genre generally offers and which Hollywood U: Rising Stars is no exception.


If you enjoy similar mobile titles that centre around fashion and making decisions to drive the story direction you’ll find Hollywood U: Rising Stars a satisfying choice as you build up your fame and fortune in a university style setting.


  • Conquer Hollywood University with your growing entourage of friends and supporters.
  • Customise your visual appearance and clothing choices to create the ideal star.
  • Finish quests and level up for healthy rewards that progress your fame.
  • Bring real life friends into the game through Facebook or make new friends in game.
  • Free to play iOS and Android fashion title with elements of stardom.



Review Platform: iOS

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