• Amazing atmosphere of mystery and adventure
  • Great environmental puzzle designs
  • Amount of content for price (and no replay potential) is poor

Waking up in an abandoned building Homesick offers up a journey of clues, puzzles, exploration and self discovery. Homesick is a title that bleeds amazing atmosphere from start to finish with an adventure that will keep you entertained for approximately 3 hours if you take the time to search through the story that it hides.


These hours start with players waking up in a run down building that has seemingly been abandoned for some time with no information provided as to how or why you’re in the state that you are in. Once awake you’ll have free movement of the game areas as you find objects, notes and a blinding light when the player looks outside of the bleak building.

Your first minutes will no doubt be spent coming to terms with your surroundings but then transition to awe as you look around at the impressively designed environment which pairs perfectly with the musical direction. This atmosphere also never drops off ensuring each room or hallway is is as eerie as the last and ensures the game never feels dull as you spend your time roaming the rooms for clues and solving the environmental puzzles.


Homesick also has a much darker side of atmosphere which players slip into each time that they fall asleep, turning the game world to darkness but giving players the ability to wield an axe to overcome obstacles and ties into the other puzzle elements as a key and recurring mechanic. Just like your abandonment this mechanic and the others used by the puzzles are sparsely explained which results in some tedium until you connect everything together.

To move forward in the Homesick story you’ll have to take your eyes away from the impressive design and put on your thinking cap to solve environmental puzzles such as inputting combinations on locked cabinets, filling up a bucket of water or taking a key found in one location to pass through a locked door. Overall puzzles ensure consistent pacing, especially for those that are experienced with such games although newcomers will struggle with the discovery approach opted for by Homesick with some very deceptive puzzles as previously mentioned.


At the end of the day Homesick is a game about atmosphere and discovery (which is why this review has opted to be as vague as possible). The gameplay itself definitely won’t let you down but the price point and amount of content your getting doesn’t quite match up so it’s best obtained at a sale price to truly enjoy what the game does offer.


  • Explore an impressive game world of light and dark balance.
  • Solve environmental puzzles to unlock the story and advance through the endless abandoned rooms.
  • Impressive game soundtrack builds the atmosphere of abandonment.
  • 2 to 4 hours of exploration and puzzle gameplay in total.
  • Question what is dream and reality with mechanics based around sleep.



Review Platform: PC

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