Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Unique world that looks fantastic – Crafting and combat options
  • Fetch quests dominate side quests

Explore a unique world of machine like animals in Horizon Zero Dawn an action role playing title with a setting unlike anything before as it blends the primitive and the advanced into one.


Playing as Aloy, a female hunter who lives within a world ravaged by robots. Representing a time period approximately one thousand years for now where humans have returned to a tribal and primitive state due to an unknown event. The technology from the past lies littered across the open world of Horizon Zero Dawn with plenty of opportunity for players to explore the ghosts of the past that lie within.

The other legacy of the time long gone is the large robotic creatures which roam the landscape and have recently become more aggressive towards humans while also appearing in larger and deadlier forms. This shift referred to as the Derangement by the characters is at centre stage for the story and the three main tribes of the game.

While playing as Aloy players will experience all of these tribes as they pick up control soon after an occultist attack on a Nora settlement. Aloy herself  relies heavily on her bow to battle the various machines but can also call upon traps such as tripwires and explosives. With each killed beast players will be able to turn the resources into useful resources through crafting (ammo and weapon upgrades). Players will also grow in strength as experience is earned in the three skill trees of stealth, combat and utility (healing and gathering).


Alongside these skills players will have to rely on the fundamentals of the game being Aloy’s Focus ability to find the weaknesses of individual machine types. This is vital as the machines have a significant advantage over Aloy and often wander the landscape in packs which is why you’ll find yourself rolling and dodging often in battle.

With its unique setting, great variety of monsters and plenty of side activities to engage in, Horizon Zero Dawn is a high ranking title in the RPG genre.


  • Explore an interesting world of primitive humans and machines.
  • Use your Focus to find the weak points in enemies.
  • Scavenge and craft equipment.
  • Progress through 3 different skill trees.
  • Exclusive for PlayStation 4.



Review Platform: PS4

Review Platform: PS4

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