Horse Farm

  • Deep horse breeding lets you create your ideal horse
  • Fantastic customisation of your very own horse stable
  • Achievements give you plenty of short and long term goals
  • Some building costs are not appropriately priced which creates for some lumpy progression
  • Better as a mobile or browser experience as there are other Windows based horse games with more content

If managing your very own customised horse ranch is a dream of yours then Horse Farm by Upjers will allow you to live out this fantasy. From constructing the necessary buildings to pampering your horses and even inviting guests for a dream holiday at your farm. Horse Farms is available to play within your browser, mobile device (iOS and Android) and more recently added to Steam as a Windows install.


Designed for the horse lover Horse Farm gives you control over stables for your horses while also combining it with various horse based tasks. Your objective is to curate the best horses and the most popular attraction around by offering guests a range of horse activities alongside delicious culinary foods. Horse Farm has familiar elements of other Upjers titles with the likes of time and resource management and the familiar clean but simple graphic style that Upjers has perfected across their game portfolio.

The construction and customisation of your Horse Ranch is the primary focus of Horse Farm and ensuring you have a highly rated operation is key to bringing in guests that will provide ongoing revenue to expand even further. With buildings such as lodges, stables and barns mixing (and upgrading) all of these in an efficient manner will ensure the success of your horse based business.

Breeding is also central to the game mechanics though with a large breadth of horse breed available from Shetland Ponies to Appaloosas and everything in between. Any fan of the equestrian scene will find themselves spoiled for choice as they carefully pick out their favourite real life horse breeds and pamper them as much as possible.


Players are likely to be surprised of the robustness of these breeding mechanics given the game was created originally for a mobile audience. Particularly in special abilities and appearance traits that can be passed through your horse blood lines allowing your foals to be true crossbreeds as you attempt to create your dream horse from both a statistic and appearance angle. All of your careful planning can lead to perfect horses to help you impress guests and drive up your revenue.

The breeding mechanics are surprisingly robust for a title that was originally designed for mobile with special abilities and visual traits progressing through your horse bloodline for generations. Ensuring a constant stream of new horses is also something that needs management with horses retiring at age 100.

Additional side gameplay mechanics in Horse Farm offer plenty of variety to the gamer with advanced customisation of your horse stables that let you give every element (frames, fences and roof tiles) their own distinct colour. While a small touch this really makes your ranch feel like your own as you’ve devised every single detail from the ground up.


Along every step of your Horse Farm adventure expansion will constantly be on the horizon allowing to breed more horses, increase your guest numbers and make more money to reinvest back into your horse venture. Unfortunately some of these jumps are larger than others that makes the upgrade path a little bumpy without spending some real money.

Overall Horse Farm from Upjers is an exciting simulation title that is ideal for the horse fanatic that has always dreamed of creating their very own horse ranch. The blend of management and horse breeding on top of the core gameplay also makes it ideal for tycoon fans.


  • Construct, upgrade and manage your own horse ranch.
  • Carefully breed horses to create your ideal horse.
  • Develop horse activities to offer your guests and turn into funds for reinvestment into your ranch.
  • Blend of horse breeding and tycoon management game.
  • Originally for iOS and Android and ported over to browser and Windows (Steam).



Review Platform: PC

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