Human Resource Machine

  • Programming in visual style with constantly evolving mechanics to keep players entertained and challenged
  • Not a challenge for those familiar with programming already

Human Resource Machine features programming like puzzles that challenge players to create the correct series of assembly language to beat the level. Using corporate officer workers as a metaphor for this assembly language players will find themselves facing constantly evolving concepts on PC and console platforms.


With around 30 programming puzzles in total each takes place over a year within the corporate world of Human Resource Machine. For successful completion of a puzzle players will be rewarded with a promotion to a new level which adds additional complexity and rules to the game that you’ve learnt so far. While being promoted players also uncover a strange dystopian society that is slowly replacing workers with robots that serves as an undertone of story to your puzzling adventure. With this being told through a number of cutscenes its also a nice pacing element to break up the otherwise back to back puzzle challenges.

At the core within each of these puzzles your objective is to move blocks from your inbox to your outbox that are set at either ends of the office floor. The primary challenge in Human Resource Machine comes from the varying order that you’ll need to move things between the two which may involve rearranging the order of items and even adding two numbers together although become increasingly complex as the game years progress.


To facilitate these tasks players are giving various commands which are combined to create a list of instructions for your office worker to complete in that order. This includes things like picking up an inbox item, moving an item to outbox, jumping, adding numbers and copying. Before long players will find themselves solving complex puzzles with this visual representation of coding that makes it easy to see what each step in your sequence will do for review prior to action. In time players will also get access to the entire office floor that allows you to store boxes for use later. With the highly visual nature of Human Resource Machine it’s surprisingly approachable even for players who have not programmed before.

For serious puzzle solvers the game also includes a number of optional advanced puzzles that will push your solving to the next level. This is in addition to two challenges for each puzzle which encourages players to complete the puzzle with minimal steps and time that encourages you to come back later to reach these milestones if not achieved in your first attempt. This screen also presents the average steps taken to further encourage some replay and competition against the community of other players.


If you’re a gamer that loves a game that constantly introduces new rules or mechanics after each level you’ll find Human Resource Machine to be an enjoyably paced adventure with a consistently growing set of mechanics for each puzzle.


  • Solve puzzles with visual programming across over 40 challenges with mechanics that grow with each puzzle.
  • Beat the challenges and optional levels to prove your puzzle mastery.
  • Watch the corporate world slowly overtaken by robots through a number of story cutscenes that provide some relief between each puzzle.
  • Compete against yourself to complete each level in a number of time and turns or compare your stats to other gamers.
  • Simple core concept that is visually presented and constantly evolving.



Review Platform: PC

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