Hungry Babies Mania

  • Wonderful game theme supported through high quality graphics and sounds
  • Adds an element of animal collecting to the core match three genre
  • Some performance issues that can hamper your ability to play effectively and get full value out of the game mechanics/features

In Hungry Babies Mania your mission is to feed the hungry animals of the world by matching their tasty treats across over 800 varied and challenging levels. It’s gameplay you’ve experienced before but with a fresh wrapping and healthy list of features to make it one of the better match three puzzle games in the constantly growing phone game genre.


Starting off in a basic tutorial where you’ll feed your first hungry animal an ample supply of apples players will quickly advance through the early levels learning the basics of the game which are broadly similar to other titles. This primarily means matching tasty coloured titles within each Hungry Babies Mania level with varying goals and objectives each time to keep you entertained through the short bursts of gameplay.

Each level you face will require you to collect the necessary food items to feed the hungry animals atop the screen which change with each level. Just like real life each animal  has different dietary requirements so balancing your collection of apples, carrots, peas, bananas and other goodies quickly becomes a full time game in itself.


A common mechanic used by Hungry Babies Mania is locking your desired food item behind an obstacle requiring you to use other mechanisms available to you to reach out. Waffles for example can only be gathered by making matches in squares adjacent to them so requires some forethought to completing the level beyond blinding making matches of game tiles.

These waffles are often needed when you encounter a new friendly animal which once the level has been completed will be added to your collection and adds an extra layer of reward and long term goals to Hungry Babies Mania.


To make clearing these levels a tad easier players can focus on making matches of four or more ingredients which will give bonus tiles such as jam jars and juice boxes to clear entire sections or rows of tiles. Jam jars in Hungry Babies Mania are especially unique requiring a 2×2 square to be made and not a common mechanic in the genre.

With its colourful theme, animal collection and all the other standard features of a match three puzzle game Hungry Babies Mania is a great addition to your device if you’re seeking that next puzzle experience with one or two fresh ideas in a stagnant genre.


  • Feed friendly animals in each level as you build up your encyclopedia and collect them all.
  • Complete challenges for bonus rewards while providing an additional long term objective.
  • Make the unique jam jar by creating a 2×2 tile match.
  • Collect tasty food like waffles by utilising unique mechanics.
  • Play for free on your iOS and Android devices.



Review Platform: iOS

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