Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

  • Great cartoon inspired art style – Lengthy single player campaign
  • Some annoying UI elements make it harder to manage your kingdom than it needs to be

Be the lord of your very own medieval castle and make it the most efficient one in the kingdom by accepting and assigning your subjects to their ideal duties. Available for Android and iOS players can experience Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom for free as they grow a fortress to deny their rivals and acquire endless treasure.


Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom bases itself heavily around a campaign of over 100 missions where you’ll use the resources of your kingdom to fight of all manner of evil foes be it orcs, skeletons, dragons and the occasional giant. All throughout the campaign you’ll focus on castle construction to grow your fortress with new rooms and improve the existing ones.

To occupy these rooms you’ll also be recruiting and developing villagers to make the most of these rooms and even equip them with appropriate gear. Like most games the guiding hand of in game quests will guide your kingdom progress in the right direction.

Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom lets you live out a fantasy life where you own a castle within your mobile device. With the dark Abyss Lord lurking in the shadows though the kingdom is in need of defences and more importantly an offensive movement to save the Princess of the land. It’s a simple framework for the game story but it does its role just as well as any other mobile title.


Your base of operations is your magnificent castle fortress which grows with the number of hours you put into the game. Part of the tutorial covers building your barracks and training the first units of your army which is undertaken by one of your own knights, Donald the Glorious. Beyond the barracks players will also build the likes of the treasury and blacksmithing which generates game currencies for further expansion and army growth.

The key to operating all of the above rooms effectively though is management and training of your various villagers into suitable roles for your kingdom such as scribes or blacksmiths.


  • Develop your own fantasy kingdom.
  • Fight off the darkness and reclaim the Princess.
  • Manage your rooms and villagers to optimise your castle.
  • Train an army and villagers for different tasks.
  • Free mobile based title.



Review Platform: iOS

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