Ice Age Village

  • Ice Age theme wonderfully works in film characters into story, quests and mini games
  • Hundreds of different animal types which even includes dinosaurs
  • Limitations of no premium currency which restrict the number of animals you can collect in your village
  • Late game expansion is painfully slow and expensive

Ice Age Village brings your favourite characters from the film series and implants them into a mobile game experience of city building and broader zoo management as players fight against the incoming ice age. Along this journey players have the opportunity to reshape the landscape with their desired animals, Ice Age film stars and even dinosaurs amongst buildings of all shapes and sizes to craft a unique village.


Given the popular Ice Age franchise is designed with a young audience in mind it is no surprise that this carries over to Ice Age Village and is clearly demonstrated in the way it provides plenty of direction and mixes a simple story line into the adventure that pulls in elements of the films. This storyline which is tied into rescuing a diverse range of hundreds of animals also requires habitats to be built to house them which provide some educational benefit to younger gamers about animal types and their preferred living conditions.

At key milestones throughout this story the familiar Ice Age characters will pop up to provide your next quest or simply roam around your growing village to oversee the progress that you are making. Ice Age film stars are also pivotal in the mini-game portion of the game with titles such as Sid’s Egg Rescue and Kung Fu Scrat providing a break from the core experience along with a rotating list of in game events to participate in and earn in game rewards.


At the heart of Ice Age Village though is the village mechanics which follows a repeating formula of unlock an animal, build their habitat, create a family (two adults and two babies) and invest into unlocking a new animal. This formula allows you to have multiple little village projects on the go at once you try to attract your favourite animal or build out a family of one you’ve already unlocked which allows you to maximise your in game rewards for future growth. With over 200 cute animal species collecting them all and the appropriate matching habitats is no small adventure, although some are gated behind premium currency.

This combines with a smaller range of non habitat buildings that serve other purposes such as unlocking some of the aforementioned mini games, providing a means of resource and currency generation or simply being decorative and showing off to friends that visit your village.


With a strong foundation of village mechanics at the core of gameplay and the wonderfully woven in characters from the Ice Age franchise your experience in Ice Village is likely to be a pleasant one, although some premium currency restrictions will hinder your village expansion.


  • Ice Age adventure to build habitats for more than 200 animal species.
  • Meet your favourite Ice Age characters and accept quests from them to expand your village.
  • Use decorations and other fun buildings to make your village your own.
  • Visit and share your village creation with other players.
  • Free for iOS and Android.



Review Platform: iOS

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