Idle Online Universe

  • Multiple idle games in one – Countless things to upgrade – Community/multiplayer
  • Minimal in game explanations of each mechanic

Idle Online Universe lives up to its name with a truly expansive title that has multiple idle games within a single experience. For those that love idle games the sheer variety and regular events on offer ensure you’ll be idling for months to come.


Idle Online Universe starts innocently enough with players setting up their account and attacking garden snakes on their first level. These snakes will either slowly die over time to your passive damage or players can click on them to perform an extra attack. Unlike other games you’re clicking speed won’t help you here with a timer for how often you can cast an attack (which helps keep things fair when you enter into the multiplayer elements of the game).

With every monster defeated you’ll earn gold and experience points with levels allowing you to unlock half a dozen skills to boost your damage in various ways. For every 5 levels you’ll encounter a boss enemy for a nice boost to resources. What separates Idle Online Universe from other titles though is that this hunting gameplay is merely one small aspect of the game with several other idle games built into it.

This includes space expeditions where you can upgrade your own ship to complete expeditions for gold, diamonds or AP which are the three primary game currencies. Woodcutting and mining which generate wood and stones which can be sold for a hefty amount of gold or reinvested into these games to improve your wood or stone output for a greater payday down the line.

Each of these games has their own energy systems which limits how often you can do them which requires some careful management to ensure energy does not cap out and go wasted. These extra activities can also be done while your hunting continues uninterrupted.


The idle fun doesn’t stop there though with the ability to join parties and hunt together, challenges, card collecting, orbs, pets. trophies, events, guilds, leader boards and an ascension mechanic. Every action or game aspect can be upgraded in one way or another to ensure you can optimise your heart out.

Idle Universe Online is the idle-ception of the idle game genre and fans simply should not miss out on this adventure.


  • Multiple idle games within one (hunting, space, wood cutting, mining).
  • Active community of players with competitive leader boards.
  • Wide range of events and challenges.
  • Upgrade every single game action to optimise your gameplay.
  • Play for free in your browser.



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