• Community – Innovative ideas – Lots of depth
  • Generic at first glance

Illyriad offers a strategy experience that anybody can pick up and play in their browser for free with a later Steam release. After a brief beta period in 2010 the game made its full launch in 2011.


The setting of Illyriad is fantasy and features all the usual culprits including humans, dwarves, orcs and elves. Each of these races can be played by the player and come with their own strengths, weaknesses and thus strategy. This world is full of detail and offers a crazy amount of depth for players to explore through buildings, units, research, equipment and NPC factions. The game world itself is split into millions of squares making it one of the larger games available.

While most of the gameplay in Illyriad is fairly typical of the genre (players start with a small civilization and expand it by collecting resources and engaging in battle) it uniquely offers no set goals or win conditions like other strategy MMOs. Instead Illyriad focuses on providing an ever changing single game world that always has a new adventure for players.

Combat and technology are the two main features in Illyriad that set it apart from similar games. Military units can come in all shapes and sizes so it’s easy to create an overall strategy that works for you. This is enhanced by the large number of options when approaching a player or NPC town which allows you to attack them directly, try to occupy them or siege them. Players must also consider the terrain of the battle which offers advantages and disadvantages to certain unit types.


The technology tree is as equally impressive with over 400 different technologies split across several different areas. Do you prefer to have a solid city foundation? Then you can focus on city upgrades while a more military focused player will want to grab the large number of unit upgrades instead. Because the game technology system works on a per city basis players can develop military, diplomatic and trade cities across their empire.

Illyriad brings a lot of great ideas and guiding principles to the genre which will no doubt see it become one of the staple games in the genre.


  • A fantasy strategy MMO.
  • 4 different races to choose from with their own style.
  • No set goals with a focus on a continually evolving game world.
  • Huge technology tree to explore.
  • Terrain matters for combat.



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Samuel Franklin
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  1. Illyriad is a blast to play, and the community is a lot of fun as well. We pride ourselves on the fact that we treat newbies with respect. Sure, you can try and pick on the newest players but you’ll likely have an alliance on top of your towns in no time. It’s a hardcore, FFA PvP game, so be aware, but it’s a game that almost anyone can play. If you are looking for a game where you can play however you want — be a warrior, a trader, a politician — then try it out. Just talk in general chat if you want a helping hand.

    GM Rikoo

  2. Illyriad is excellent game. Not a lot of flashy, intense graphics but the game has a good community and is very immersive. Lots of detail and variety. Also, the game is not pay to win. Highly recommended for mature players looking for a deep, strategy oriented experience.

  3. I have played this game for going on 3 years now. This game doesn’t have more then one server, doesn’t restart, has VERY limited space and with all the players in the game creating a 10 sqaure rule around their cities space is running out and not in a good way. The game is very crowded so you will likely be given a bad location while vets get the best if you join an alliance. All the people in the game are egotistical, vain, and power hungry people who will be nice to your face and plan ways to stab you in the back, unless you fit into their social clicks you won’t really grow very well with in this community and that means your IQ will drop and you will have to kiss up alot – Making a war game into an uncomfortably peaceful game in which is suffocating to play, making armies taboo to use on others (and whole alliances will try to wipe you out if you try). This game is in no way a PvP. It’s a sad attempt of one but the community holds it back from all it can be.

    This game while you have alot of options it doesn’t have actual DEPTH it just takes time and gives you options. But again the community ruins this because they all have formed with cookie cutter where they are trying to make a sandbox game into a game were you are actually put down if you try to be unique or your own.

    All in all: Run of the mills sandbox city builder game where the community has a chock hold on this games future and will be the reason it dies 5 years from now.


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