Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit)

  • Great adventure – Pulls you in – Characters feel realistic
  • Can't quite decide between realism and fantasy

Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit outside of North America) is a cinematic adventure with thriller and even paranormal elements. The game launched in 2005 for Windows, PlayStation 2 and the Xbox.


Indigo Prophecy is set in New York City where a string of strange and bloody murders have recently taken place. All of these murders have involved people becoming possessed and then brutally hurting stangers. In the game players play as a victim (Lucas Kane) of one of these possessions with players taking control of him just after he has stabbed a stranger in a restroom of a diner.

After this event Lucas decides that he wishes to solve the mysteries behind the murders and find out who was controlling him. This leads him to contacting a medium and eventually falling under police investigation which makes him a fugitive in the city of New York.

Gameplay in Indigo Prophecy is a simple affair with players able to control Lucas’s movements and actions at the applicable times. This is demonstrated early on in the game when players must press buttons (or move the stick on a console) to move the body of your victim out of sight. When he returns to his seat at the diner players can choose his next action such as taking a drink or inspecting the bill.


This makes gameplay a very linear affair with players participating in a range of set pieces rather than driving the gameplay themselves. Set pieces do require sharp reflexes through a number of quick time events though.

A unique feature in the game is the mental health bar which displays the current mental state of Lucas. If this bar reaches zero then the player will receive a game over that ties in to their current game progression. A players mental state is decreased throughout the story as they perform less than desirable acts (like the original murder). By performing more day to day actions like eating the player can reclaim some of their sanity.


  • Indigo Prophecy or Fahrenheit outside of North America.
  • An adventure that plays out like a movie.
  • Discover the secrets behind your possession and the murders around New York City.
  • Make decisions at key points and interact with the world through quick time events.
  • A thriller of a story.



Review Platform: PC

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