Infection Bio War

  • Multiple difficulties and pathogens gives a sense of different challenges
  • Choose your starting country with plenty of data points to help your decisions
  • Little variety in core gameplay between playthroughs with the basic game framework

Taking the popular formula and style of the Pandemic franchise of video games Infection Bio War has players taking over the planet with your own unique disease one country at a time. Available for free to play on your iOS devices you’ll be able to cause havoc across the globe with an underlying strategic players.


Each game in Infection Bio War has you naming your new disease and choosing a starting country location to begin the challenge ahead. For those familiar with similar disease spreading games you’ll instantly appreciate the ability to start in one of the more isolated regions which always seems to escape your infection. This allows the player to tailor the difficulty level and provides some potential for replay value as you try to conquer the human race from different starting corners.

Your objective from this beginning point is then to infect and in time kill every human across the globe by spreading your disease before a cure can be researched. In order to achieve this in Infection Bio War is all about how you handle your disease mutation with tactics and forward planning ideal to this success. This is primarily done by collecting DNA points over time or by tapping the pop ups that appear across the game world when new areas are infected which add an active element to core gameplay.


These DNA points can be spent across 3 categories of evolution; transmission, symptoms and resistances which alter infectivity, visibility and lethality of your disease that you are creating over time. In the transmission tab you’ll be able to access a range of traits that help you spread across the globe such as using cattle, rodents, mosquitoes and pigeons to transmit your disease which is based on real world vectors. While those that want to play defensively can instead purchase drug, cold and heat resistance in the resistances tab that will help you slow down the cure progress and allow you to advance through countries that have particular harsh climates.

The most varied category of evolution though is the symptoms which grow increasingly more deadly as you move up the evolution tree which helps your ultimate goal. This tab is highly end game orientated once you move past infecting the world and move into world destruction instead with deadly options available. This is supported with the likes of detailed statistics on each country around the globe on their population, environment, research spending and border status that helps you determine how aggressive you should design your infectious disease.


While the core gameplay of Infection Bio War varies little between playthroughs the longevity of the game comes after your first game when additional options open up such as the 5 levels of difficultly and the 8 different pathogens that again alter the difficultly with their own unique traits to consider. Conquering all of these requires both some luck and strategic planning on the mobile disease strategy title.


  • Infect the world on iOS mobile devices.
  • All the detail and data you need to analysis the world and infect it through the statistic screen.
  • Collect DNA points across the world to evolve your pathogen further.
  • 3 different DNA evolution tabs to spend your points in order to tweak your strengths for your strategy.
  • Multiple difficulty levels and pathogen types to try that influence your challenge.



Review Platform: iOS

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