Infestation: The New Z

  • Free to play core with multiple game modes available to offer game variety
  • Poor track record for development of this title may see issues resurfacing in future

Infestation: The New Z offers another iteration on the open world survival genre with close ties to The War Z and Infestation: Survivor Stories games before it to offer a familiar experience in a reset game world. Like these games that predate it players will explore the free to play world as they co-operate with friends and battle through PvP to ultimately survive in the harsh game world.


Ignoring the rocky history that this franchise has had with countless development issues and decisions that have been less than well received by the community Infestation: The New Z has thus far mostly avoided the same fate although still has a mixed experience across the community to date.

For those willing to jump into the New Z arena you’ll find that core gameplay in Infestation: The New Z across the available game modes revolves around a formula of playing with friends (and plenty of random players) while scavenging the devastated game world to obtain loot. With this loot in hand players will be looking to fend off zombie attacks and raids from other players. All of this takes place across the backdrop of an open world where players are free to explore, loot and collect from large explorable maps filled with towns and variety.


While this open world sandbox focused gameplay is the core of Infestation: The New Z and it offers various server types to allow new players to come into the mould to choose a game mode of their preference with an active battle royale game mode notable as it stands just as popular as the core offering. Just like the huge range of other battle royale games that are around these days you’ll experience a fight to the last man standing as you loot guns and items from the world as you fight both players and zombies in an ever decreasing game space.

This mode and the other available game modes (four in total for free to play players) provides players ample variety and provides a place to practice your mechanical skill through different challenges. Other mechanics and features of note in Infestation: The New Z are the ability to swap between first and third person to suit players as needed, a skin system to alter your character and the ability to drive cars to easily close the distance between two points which is vital to use given the large map designs.


For survival challenges you’ll find that players are primarily fighting for control over the high tier loot spots that are generally well defended by zombies that can also tip players off to your location when attacked. From these locations you’ll acquire a range of crafting components that are used for a range of weapons, attachments, ammunition, armour, helmets, medical supplies, food, drinks and throwable items.

Weapons are of course the majority of equipment in Infestation: The New Z with assault rifle, semi-automatic rifles, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, light machine guns, shotguns, pistols, bows and melee weapons all making an appearance. This ensures a diverse set of options along with a sense of progression as you move from the lower tier meta weapons up to the devastating top tier options.


  • Play one of several game modes that push your experience across survival and sandbox game experiences.
  • Jump into a car to explore the large open worlds and visit the key loot locations to craft top tier equipment.
  • Loot the environment and buildings for important survival items and supplies to help you and your group.
  • Third revision of the title following the development of The War Z and Infestation: Survivor Stories.
  • Battle against zombies, other mutated enemies or other players as you fight to survive.



Review Platform: PC

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